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Would have stabilized the key but then you bringing josh regarding what checked i ever done he won games alabama in the nfl and i i don't get where we're going here mckay age as a placeholder that's all they the jets are not the first thing to do that to bring in a veteran guy when you've got to really young quarterbacks that if both have major issues somebody's gonna play quarterback gun put somebody out there and that's all mccown is a placeholder for this year and they're hoping they're hoping against hope that one of these two kids petty hacker burke shows up and just wiles amid camp and that they will break it out as close to even as possible with all the rapts firstteamers and the like but then again with the jets whose a first teamer the subs odd to start is the starters are the subs so i don't know if there is a big derivation between who's taking reps with who in camp an annual i've your preseason games and gets are really hoping for one of the two of those guys to make it really easy honor to to just stand out and grabbed the job by the throat and if that's the case mcnally won't play budding case baltazar does guys and this was given to me from people cover the team and no the guys who were there and coaches and like they were bull fully disappointed on how far hacking berg was from being uh away from being able to play in an nfl game they were surprise is they really believe that he would be is always a learning curve you take that step up it's different in the pro game that is the call and eaten though those who come in and step in and be an nfl quarterback their first day are the exception not the rule now some team sports feed them into that if they use a high i i rammed rep at ghanem at that wasn't a case akberg second round picks a jet weren't gonna go there and if they had their interpretation was it would have been a nightmare that he was nowhere near ready a that could happen again this year we may not be ready and petty they.

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