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Your name into the grand prize drawing to join me may third paramount Aurora for August rush. The musical Ken Raskin is here is the owner of manny's deli at eleven forty one south Jefferson in Chicago, the legendary manny's deli. I don't think they're any other delis in the Chicago area, quite like yours. I always say when I'm in New York, I like to go to some of the famous delis in New York, which sadly there even closing in New York right now, the currency and the stage deli and some of the big ones there that have been open for years are now gone. And I always say really the only place that we have in Chicago like in New York deli is is manny's. Thank you for thinking that I appreciate it. A lot has to do with the real estate. If you own your own property, you have a better chance of sticking around as long as someone doesn't come off fifty million dollars for it. And the other is a lot of them disappeared was a lot of the parents educated their kids became doctors, and lawyers and other types of professionals. They want them sweating back there in the kitchen and stuff. And so a lot of kids don't didn't take over the family business. Unlike your family where you do have. You do have your family when when I go there. I feel that the Raskin house or something now pretty much. They're more them at home. My son works fulltime runs. The restaurant pretty much. My wife Patti runs the deli bakery. And at least once or twice a week. I have a big segments of my family coming in for lunch. It's always a nice feeling with Passover. Now that will start at sundown this coming Friday manny's in many other places around area have Passover menus. But manny's in particular talk to us a little bit about the significance of the items that you've got on your Passover menu that families can come and pick up everything that they need that manage to serve to their families at home. Okay. Well, I start with the Seder plate general got five items on it. Has corrosive which is chapel nuts and wine. That's the represent the mortar and bricks of what the Jews built the pyramids weapon Egypt. Harsh radish which. Which of the bitter life that the people had we pay parsley and dip it in salt water and a symbolize the tiers of Jews. And then we have roasted egg in a roasted lamb shank shows sacrifice sacrifice to the gods. Got. Got. And then we take we take the book the Ghana, and that is the entire story of Passover from beginning to end, and it guide you through the dinner with prayer and explaining the symbolism of different foods and traditions went on. And it's really really. Important to to Jewish families ago through this at some level. You know, we we could do a thirty minute service. You could do a four hour service. Yeah. I've had friends tell me that they've sat through those four hour once. That's pretty rough especially if you work the more traditional families, do the do the long version day, one of those things you're supposed to recline something back at the table person. Like, myself would probably fall, right? You're working. All right. Yeah. But it's really interesting we go through the beginning with the Seder plate and on the way demonstrate the complex actually got the Jews relations. And and then reclaimed that the the mossy is unleavened bread Jews than have time for the bread to rise. So that's what became right. And that's basically used as a binder or the bread to eat for the holiday. It's most of the items that would require kind of brandy on the other items that you have on. There are other traditional foods that are eating during the Passover period. Yet. I'm not sure all of them are. Here from that period of time, but the traditional item state are things like felt a for an appetizer the Moncey ball soup chop chap lever. Just go like, we have all those types. I haven't texter is asking if you are certified kosher. No, we are not. Okay. I'll follow the dietary was okay. So people that keep kosher. They would that others other Jewish people don't so it's so everybody understands that. If people wanna get more information, take a look at your menu. Learn more about manny's history. What's the best way to do that? How throw website WWW dot manny's deli that camp Kate managed deli dot com, and it's eleven forty one south Jefferson. Basically Jefferson Roosevelt road can Raskin happy Passover to you. And to your family. Thank you for coming in. We're gonna take actually we're not gonna take a break. We're gonna get right to our White Sox. Pre-game coming up next. Just a quick reminder that we've got that coming up for you next on WGN reminder also that tomorrow morning on the WGN TV morning news. I'm going to be showing my interviews from the Star Wars convention from this past Friday are very exciting. One on one interviews with the filmmakers and the stars of the new episode nine Star Wars rise of Skywalker. We've got director Jj Abrams, we've got producer Kathleen Kennedy. We've got daisy. Ridley John Boyega Oscar Isaac Anthony Daniels of the great C three PO and others share all of that with you tomorrow morning. The WGN TV morning news. Also tomorrow morning. As usual between eight and eight thirty will be on with Steve Cochran like we are every weekday morning moron. Entertainment. On here on WGN radio. Really funny at the Star Wars convention. There are thousands and thousands of people or waiting in line to get in on Friday morning. We were there very early doing live reports for WGN TV and within the crowds of thousands and thousands of people about ten times during the day you here in in the pandemonium of the crowds somebody'll shut out. Hey moron. And there's no two years. We gotta change the name now on the name of nectarine in a tangible. Oh, those are still called tangibility. Those are. I used to know this tangerine is it's yeah. And what else marshmallow Angelo the kid? I went to kindergarten a hybrid of the two needle wanna know how they came up with one day. It's nobody's business but his tangerine and orange, but then it would be a Tange orange orange yellow. I like that. Yeah. Yep. But yes, there's there's citric acid inside. Yes. But there's like oil to. Outside. And that's why it will catch on fire orange rind, the rind have you ever been? There's parts of California most notably the orange grove districts with where that smell just permeates ever smell oranges everywhere. Have you ever been there? Now that I've been to Florida and the orange blossoms smell awesome. That's really sweet. Yeah. And that doesn't bother me. I wonder why you know, why? Because it's like you can have one at night, and you can take a shower and wash your hair and the next day, you still have this remnant orangey, smell and rose. Oranges used in cleaners, soap, also, maybe maybe cut back on these sunkissed. So. To Bill and Wendy diabetic and can tell you that grape has a lot of sugar in it. Maybe the sugar is burning in the microwave just like a marshmallow on a campfire. That's true. And that's fun to to do the marshmallows yesterday's. It's peeps. Which I'm sorry. Peeps. Used to just be around for Easter. Now. There's every holiday p Portia it's people. Yes. I don't like it. I still have one leftover presidents that I've not eaten yet who is shaped like, Phil. You ask do, you know? All right. We have to take a quick break. We're gonna do some news. I think can Gordon is here today. And then we have to go over things that were hot in the nineties. But today they're pretty much extinct. Hey, you're gonna you're gonna like playing along with some of these will bring back. This is brought to you by weather makers, heating and cooling sixty minute. Man..

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