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Of this complaint. But after Jovan was killed the local press reported that apparently two women who worked for local television stations at spoken to the police about the relationship with van-de-velde the other woman is believed to be a friend of the first he sent the second woman flowers anonymously. She learned his identity from the florist and later discovered that he was involved with her friend. We have asked both the police and through the state's attorney's office if there is a complaint give us the dates is screwed Berg. Maybe he was out of state. We don't know one of the cops claims that he. Spoke with Jim and told them to keep away. But Jim says that never happened Jim was never arrested. He was never questioned then develop a flat out denies that he stalked. His former girlfriend says cred Berg, but the attorney also believes that whatever this woman told the police has become a central element, their suspicions about then develop. I think they are convinced that he is a weird guy. He says, I think she understandably got upset says a friend of felts who believes he really cared about this woman. He would phone her run into her on the street. He wasn't taking no for an answer David Grinberg iris son in law partner who went to high school and college with Venda Velde objects to this account, then Velde, he says, only ran into this woman and phoned her once Greg Berg denies that Vandevelde was pursuing her. The thing with Jim is this circumstantial evidence coinciding with his personal. Life says the friend here he is not letting go of a woman, and then people wonder was at the same Suzanne. Jovan was accepted into Vandevelde seminar strategy and policy in the conduct of war in September nineteen ninety eight she was among the one. Eight hundred sixty nine students who had applied for the forty places in that course and van-de-velde other seminar, the art of diplomacy during his time as dean of saybrook fend. Velde had also taught in the political science department, and he developed a reputation as one of the best lecturers at Yale. His teaching style was riveting, and creative to demonstrate how force changes the balance of power and international relations. He wants pulled out a fake, handgun in the middle of class, simulated negotiation. He organized diplomatic receptions for a students, and gave each of them, the assignment of answering a question about someone else in their class without letting that person realized that he or she was being pumped for information. He took them on field trips, including one to a nearby. Naval base tour nuclear submarine and says one student. We got to touch a cruise missile Jovan. Friends say began the semester like many students and thrall with Vandevelde indeed. She was impressed enough that she decided to do her senior essay with him as her advisor, actually, she had taken the unusual step of writing to senior essays the other international. Studies. She chose the subject and Venda Veld's area of expertise, the international terrorist Ozama bin, Laden who's believed to have mastermind the bombing of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania Vandevelde appeared equally taken with Jovan. I think he likes Susan's enthusiasm. It was flattering that a student would be so deeply involved in his topics as a student who was in the class, at some point in the semester. However, Jovan, Hasim seemed to falter. She didn't go on either of the two field trips she's lot. They were a waste of time says a friend of hers, she also had reservations about a project on terrorism. The project which was optional. But which the class had voted to pursue involved using the internet to show, how easy it would be for a terrorist to get information to create a weapon of mass destruction. We decided to.

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Jovan, Vandevelde, Venda Velde discussed on Far Side Chats

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