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Forty eight degrees in the American standard heating weather center. Going to be a high of fifty four today. The time right now is eight eighteen. Let me bringing Gary detriments. I'd Indiana business dot com on Twitter is Gary dick on Twitter G E R R Y at Gary deck there on the Twitter box before we get into news the day, and some of the cool things going on around the state best barbecue in central Indiana. I like, oh my gosh. Indiana. It's they've got a place over on. I'm spacing Tony my old age is we're gonna work you through this. Yeah. Yeah. Which which area of town is that I can help you from there. What would you near west side? It's over but by UPI campus little shopping center over there. They've got several occasions. They cater Johnson city barbecue. No. Yeah. That's exactly. Yeah. That is he's about where I don't know where. Either an Avon I know that but you have five locations and that is my meatless Monday choice of the day. Some people said barbecue heaven. Okay. Some people they said, you gotta go to Westfield big hoppers, which is a whole pirate themed barbecue place, but very very good. Some people said squealers, am I promise squealers is it's called squealers? Is not a name. I want when I'm walking in for barbecue. The last thing I want to remember is that does that sound. Yeah. But see barbecue they've got a great not only. Great barbecued or sides are good. Good service. Good good operation. Claret is right there. Gary dick, Gary, the word barbecue got him that flustered that I love you. And I appreciate you for being you. Let's talk Indianapolis international airport because it keeps growing the awards keep coming, and it is true that good airports. Good infrastructure leads to other things. What's the latest? Yeah. Well, actually, the airport believe it or not as is marking a milestone hard to believe we still call the new Indianapolis international airport's terminal there, it's actually ten years old been in business now for a decade, and it's been interesting, Tony as you. Well know, you know, the airport is a front door to a city, and let's face it. Steeled airport was not a great front door. It was showing its age, and then some so the new airport, and it has been widely praised six six out of seven years. Seven years out of the ten years has been ranked as the top airport in North America. One of the reasons I talked to the airports executive director. Mario Regan's on the show. This weekend is the timing of when it was designed in when it was launched. It was essentially the first significant airport that was totally designed and launched after nine eleven so I in that way security measures designed features a lot of things were thought through in a way, Mario says that that made it easy. Make it easier to offer things to passenger security checkpoints in and other things. And he thinks that has been a factor in the success of the airport over the last decade. But success also involves the kinds of flights that you get. Yes, we have more non stops to west coast and to Europe has the airport found difficulty in attracting more flights because well people already go to Chicago, and that's close enough or they go to Cincinnati that's more established. And that's close enough. It's a competitive marketplace. And certainly it's a challenge for airports like Indianapolis, which is not a big, quote, unquote, big city airports, but I think the two things on that one the number of nonstop flights as we've talked about before is now at the highest level ever over fifty non stops tomorrow that are important in particularly the tech community San Francisco and Seattle and some of those kinds of markets. But in made the port the point over the weekend on the show that it's all about connectivity. It's about the nonstop flights. How you can connect to other places around the globe. Mario Rodriguez point to a steady that MIT put out and talked about Indianapolis being one of the best connected. Believe it or not. But best connected airports in the country better connected than a city like New Orleans as a as an example. So it's about that connectivity. In Indianapolis for the first time has that for many many years. It was one of the big criticisms of Indianapolis. A lot of tech leader said. That was one of the the real problems for the city was that lack of connectivity. That'd be able to get from point eight to point B efficiently. Bad is changing. And and look for some more changes as well. We saw the nonstop to Paris looking at Mexico City for another non-stop flight looking to Asia, India and some other markets as well. Talking to Gary deck of inside Indiana business dot com on Twitter at I.

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