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At and t dealer and saying okay we're going to have a really good go at twenty twenty first century folks now and then we again took about this entire infrastructure plus televisa media foam becoming won't again and then what we're going to end up with how many players is it we're going to end up with we'll this we are definitely going to have less but those plays that will be there will be much much bigger than we've known for for a long time this is an unprecedented of course netflix and amazon a famous for being able to control their product run down to the moment it hits you in your living room that's what everyone wants and i think in the pas de like this would have been blocked the justice department wanted it to be blocked on the grounds that it would limit competition that's just not an argument anymore because we've had these net flicks and these amazon companies come along and they would take nology companies essentially in the case of amazon they certainly were and they've just decided one day oh we're going to be an entertainment company this not really much anyone can do to stop that and what's interesting to me is that in the nineteen forties and nineteen fifties we had a legal case that actually outlawed the exact business model wasting now entertainment companies also owned distribution methods that was already outlawed back in that that lawsuit and yet he we are in that exact position that they tried to stop this is the new reality i mean look it's been going on for too long now you can't you can't reverse ola going to have to do now is sit here and wonder what it will do will it will it create entertainment and an brand new age that's good for consumers all limit everything i don't think anyone knows ben ryan thank you very much joining in the studio that so we have time for today's edition of the daily thanks producer ben ryan and okay in chile is definitely counties is unlimited or commotto australia manages david stevens and kenya scarlet the globalist is here in asia time the medical daily returns at the same time tomorrow hope you can join me for that but for now from me eminent goodbye thank you very much.

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