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80 W GOP at 3 28 traffic and weather on the eighth day Tilden in the W. T o p Traffic Center South out on the Beltway in Virginia. Tyson's the Springfield Outer Loop near to 36 Little River Turnpike crash had blocked the left side should be clear out early planes open, but we are backed up to I 66. Heading south bound on for 95 lane should be open on 66 eastbound inside the Beltway, the usual work zone Beyond the East Falls, Metro Station, one left wing gets by westbound a little heavy through the works. Owns near Nightly Street in 1 23 and heavier beyond Fair lakes in Centerville. The crash clear beyond 29 or at least moved onto the shoulder westbound on some battlefield bail out on 29 toward 2 34 Outer loop is slow in the local lanes toward the Wilson Bridge. But the work zone out above Jones pointed clear. 95 South out of slow through Woodbridge. As usual. Nothing unusual between Springfield and Fredericksburg built way in Maryland, inter loop heavy traffic at times from silver Spring into college Park. No incidents blocking on the Beltway in Montgomery County, south bound from Aspen Hill. Traffic is very slow on Connecticut Avenue. And traffic is stopped by the responders to a crash near Dien Road. South bound. You either have to work through the subdivision, the neighborhood streets or you have to use something like Parkland Drive to get around that. Back up on Connecticut Avenue, Dorthe found traffic does get by the right in France, Georges County. It's a crash eastbound on for 10 Veterans Parkway above Route 50 eastbound traffic was stopped toward Penske. Drive by the initial response in the off ramp from eastbound 50 onto 4 10 was also blocked is a part of that response. Route 50 between the Beltway, the Bay Bridge with nothing to slow the pace. Inter systems makes software to solve your most critical interoperability, scalability and speed problems. See what the industry analysts are saying at inter systems dot com slash analyst Dave Tilden. W T o p traffic Let's get our forecast now from Lauren Rickets. Lots of sunshine today in another day, with low humidity going to be in the low nineties, But again,.

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