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A wanted man for three different drive by shootings in the L. A area is over, and the suspect is dead. Phil Hewlett was on scene. There was definitely an exchange of gunfire here. I don't know from that gunfire, how many times a suspect was hit, But he was definitely struck by gunfire. The LAPD says The man went on a shooting spree in the downtown L. A area shooting several people, killing two, including a newlywed. Ah, three hour slow speed chase followed ending on the 91 freeway. Officers say the man fired his gun at them. After they deployed tear gas into his vehicle. They returned fire. No officers were hurt in the exchange. An independent autopsy says Andrew Brown Jr died from a quote, kill shot to the back of his head. That is, according to family Attorney Wayne Kendall to release the independent autopsy today. Brown died after being shot by police during an arrest warrant in North Carolina. Kendall claimed the black man's death was a straight up execution in San Diego after a man was killed with the knee on the back of his neck in a downtown trolley stop NTS, San Diego's transit agency. Is making changes to its security response, Having supervisor Nathan Fletcher, the chair of the Metropolitan Transit Agency, says MTs is changing their personnel training and use of force policies after the death of a 24 year old mentally ill man who ran from security officers 2019 the death of Angels Obata Hernandez on October 15 2018, while in the custody of MPs and transit security system personnel was tragic and it should not have happened. The actions of the officers involved was wrong to the Hernandez family. Angels life was precious and he should not act on behalf of them too. Yes, I want to apologize for what happened a year before the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. Hernandez was killed after a security guard put a knee on his neck. For more than six minutes. MTs announced a $5.5 million settlement with the family two days before former Minneapolis police officer Derek Children was found guilty. Jack Warner cooked news. Local news time 11 03. Let's check your real time traffic if.

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