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Tonight. Nathan Law the Hong Kong activist forced into exile in London. Tell me about your childhood early memories of growing up in Hong Kong. Was Born in may nine China in nineteen, ninety three and I came to Hong Kong with my mother in nine. My parents both Lou Kalos workers. My father was a construction worker in my mother was strict cleaner. Relieving in public stays government, subsidized housing end. Sometimes, my family was relying on government subsidies. So I remember when I was young I. Didn't have the luxury to enjoy much the things that McHugh cheerful. So I guess that's that's my humble background. This is Nathan Law. One of Hong Kong's most prominent democracy activists. This month he's been named one of Time Magazine's most influential people of two, thousand and twenty. He's just twenty seven. Is He is campaigning made him a target for the Chinese government in the summer? He left Hong Kong when Beijing imposed a controversial national security law. He's now in London having left behind friends family and fellow activists who've made the decision to stay. But Nathan's fight for democracy in Hong Kong continues. Being very high profile, overseas dissidents try and. My very best to arouse the attention of the global community to be. To China. I am worrying about my safety on a regular basis. From The Guardian I'm Rachel Humphries today.

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