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Ammunition was a girl who may have been as young as eight years. Old Security forces killed many as many as fifteen hundred unarmed demonstrators and bystanders. During the November protests which were sparked by a sharp increase in gas prices. The rising fuel costs came amidst devastating sanctions imposed by the US. After president trump withdrew from the Iran. Nuclear deal back in the United States. Powerful tornadoes ripped through Tennessee early. Tuesday morning killing at least twenty five people in the Nashville Area Governor William late toured the devastation Moscow today touring and visiting with victims and walking through neighborhoods and the devastation is heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking it's incredible. Our prayers are greatly needed for families out there who are dealing with A sudden tragic event that has occurred in our state. The deadly storm came as voters prepared to take to the polls for the state's primary over a dozen polling stations in Tennessee were damaged before voting began yesterday and more Climate News Wells. Fargo has ruled out investing in oil and gas drilling in the Arctic. Making it the third major. Us Bank to withdraw support for fossil fuel projects in the ecologically delicate region. The Sierra club Tuesday hailed wells. Fargo's pledge but Warren. The shift is not make improvements to the banks other oil and gas financing policies. This comes as the trump administration is pushing forward with plans to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling atop Democratic lawmakers demanding answers from a secret of artificial intelligence company over its sale of facial recognition technology to repressive regimes including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Massachusetts senator. Ed Markey sent a letter to clear view. A on Tuesday demanding information about the company's database of billions of images scraped from facebook and other social media sites Senator Markey wrote quote the use of sophisticated facial recognition technology is concerning even democracy with strong civil liberties but its export to certain. Foreign countries could enable mass surveillance and repression of minorities. He wrote in recent days students at three dozen. Us universities help protests against administrators plans to use facial recognition on their campuses CNN reports. Trump's new personnel chief is distributing questionnaires to potential political appointees to verify their loyalty to president trump as part of the trump litmus tests. Candidates must explain what part of trump's campaign quote most appeal to them the campaign to identify and purge anti-trump. Staffers is being led by twenty nine year old Jon. Mcentee whom trump recently appointed head of the presidential personnel office before he was rehired. This year mcentee was fired in two thousand eighteen by then chief of staff General John Kelly because he was under federal investigation for financial crimes. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a Bill Tuesday outlawing so-called conversion therapy as pseudoscientific practice that seeks to coerce. Ob Gt Q. Youth into renouncing their sexual orientation. When the new law takes effect in July Virginia will become the first southern state and the twentieth in the United States to ban the practice which has been rejected by mental health professionals for decades a study last year by the Suicide Prevention Organization that Trevor Project found. Lgbtq youth who had undergone conversion therapy. We're more than twice as likely to attempt suicide as those who do not author and reporter. Ronan Farrow has slammed. His publisher has set after it announced. It would publish woody Allen's forthcoming more farrow said. The decision quote shows a lack of ethics and compassion for victims of sexual abuse and announced he was cutting ties with the publisher in two thousand seventeen. Ronan Farrow published a piece in the New Yorker detailing abuse by recently convicted rapist. Former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The article is widely considered to be a watershed moment in the metoo movement. Last year has shut published. Farrow's book catch and kill which details the challenges he faced investigating. Weinstein and other powerful media. Figures accused of sexual assault. Ronan Farrow is also the brother of Dylan Farrow. Who is accused Woody Allen of sexually abusing her as a child when he was her adoptive father. Alan has denied those allegations and in Mexico. Feminists are calling for a national strike. March ninth one day. After International Women's Day to protest skyrocketing gender-based violence in Mexico calls for national striker being led by the Mexican feminist group which is of the C- The strike has been referred to as day without US calling on women not to go to work or to school to stay out of the streets and to avoid participating in the economy in any way for twenty four hours. This is a member of which is of the C. C. Under he is must believe that women in Mexico are tired of the different types of violence that are committed against us in all spaces. It is not only femicide crisis but also the day to day in homes in schools on the street on the job. It seems that there's no place that is safe for us. Plans for the national strike game momentum after the brutal murders in February of Twenty five year old Ingrid Skamania who was killed and mutilated by her partner and seven year old. Fatima who was kidnapped and later found dead wrapped in plastic bag in Mexico. At least ten women are killed every day and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now democracy now dot org the warrant pace report. I'm Amy Goodman Gonzales. Welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world. The biggest voting day of the Democratic presidential primary campaign has ended in two person race between two candidates former vice president Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders with more than a third of the delegates at stake. Biden swept the Midwest and the South Winning Virginia. North Carolina. Console Ala Bama Tennessee Oklahoma Massachusetts Minnesota and delegate rich Texas Sanders saw victories in Colorado and Utah and the Associated Press reports. Here's a winner of the Grand Prize of the night. The largest delegates state of California. He also won his home. State of Vermont Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren Finish in an embarrassing third place in her home state and New York bilionaire. Mike Bloomberg said he planned to reassess his candidacy after he spent more than half a billion dollars to score just one victory in American. Samoa Biden delivered his victory speech in Los Angeles where he was interrupted when to protesters with direct action everywhere storm to stage chanting. Let Their die. She began his address with much. Talked about Gaffe began even Super Tuesday for nothing by the way this fellow sister. Valerie and I'm husband switched on me. My wife my sister. They switched on me story. But things are looking awful from good tribunal report. We are very much alive. No mistake about it. This campaign it will send down trump packing Jordan us meanwhile Bernie Sanders used his speech at the end of Super Tuesday in his home state of Vermont to contrast his record with Biden and President Donald Trump. But we're not only taking on the corporate establishment where take it on the political establishment?.

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