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Football Illinois drop to close one to Eastern Michigan the score there was thirty four thirty one well Missouri had a cake walk at home against southeast Missouri state heat wave from Sunday through Wednesday mostly sunny hot and humid on Sunday high of ninety two Sunday night mainly clear warm and humid low of seventy four and then for Monday partly sunny hot and humid again high of ninety three degrees for KMOX news time Brad chip. this is route sixty six with Johnny read every Saturday night on KMOX by Newsweek construction supply nineteen sixties. true. cool in. season. we got the four seasons while they did take America by storm in sixty two with their very first hit which was a number one goal record of nineteen sixty two I had the honor of being the first St Louis DJ to play in this city anyway they four seasons and song we did in on the air interview so long ago with Frankie Valli that was the days of radio park in north kings highway memorial Boulevard across from Sherman park as a soft one Doris well one street south of the park more what a great place said was my bright high school catty corner across the street a great neighborhood I am from their wonderful repertory that was the group's only top ten hit not of sixty two but in nineteen sixty five and as a group they really lived up to that title let's hang on because they're still hanging on and I just got word from P. R. specialist Julie Lalli the songs and styles of the four seasons will continue with the show called December sixty three the old original Jersey boys that's a tribute playing at the Westport Playhouse in Westport October eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth ticket for there's recreation. I don't know if you buy tickets for concerts a lot but when I saw this price I couldn't believe it because I remember producing concerts like that three dog night in Steppenwolf and cream it cetera in our ticket to the keel opera house for three four and five dollars for this show the tickets are sixty eight dollars each maybe it's a bargain I don't know I'm kind of out of the nineteen sixty two double blind. written by Jane. the crystal. he's a rebel the server from Joel pot from him exports he is camped out and one of the entrances of Busch Stadium because he wants to be the first in line to get one of those adult beanies and they're going to be giving out of the first thirty thousand people they have forty five thousand tickets sold for that game cash into to be exciting well headed your way here in route sixty six it'll be. top ten song by Bill Haley and the comets a classic by Gary Puckett and the union gap will hear the first hit from Manfred Mann I tell ya Bill Haley and the comets from how they were about the hottest thing going and of late fifty four and fifty five better affect their first seven songs reach the top ten first one came out and it was sometime in our late August I think of nineteen fifty four shake rattle and roll they did their pop version of the song by big Joe Turner and then was damn dim the lights I want some atmosphere that was fun I was in fifty four then starting off in the early fifty five it was birth of the booking they also had the mumble rock and driver the biggest song as far as I'm concerned by them whether we're gonna rock around the clock and that was a number one song for eight weeks that was in fifty five a million seller as was shake rattle and roll and then everyone's razzle dazzle and that was followed by burn that candle from nineteen fifty five and continued on with more big songs afterwards our next biggest won a gold record what is it and number six hit in nineteen fifty six and that was see ya later alligator but now we're gonna like that. we. to. still we still we still. thank you Bill Haley and the comets Gary Puckett with the union gap will be next with one of their million selling songs they had four gold records in sixty seven and sixty eight none of them got the number one to they get the number two we will have one of those when we come right back but I've got to tell you something about as I'm started before the news to tell you a little bit about Neil vita and multi vitamins they had one minute to fill you in on what it's like it's old that's like nothing else so it is a it is a special vitamin product created by doctor can Rebeca here in Saint Louis are you want the whole story go to kneel.

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