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The days to come for some afternoon showers. Right now it is almost oppressive. Here in Boston, 75 degrees mostly cloudy skies again to the mid eighties. Today 705 Monday morning. It might be the nation's oldest clothing company. But Brooke brought Brooks Brothers is bankrupt and about to shut down its factory in behavioral and that will leave hundreds of workers in a bind with no severance payments headed their way. But that's not how this story is going to end. If the Massachusetts congressional delegation has anything to say about it, Congresswoman Laurie Tra hand says the company should pay the 413 unionized workers at behavioral plant a fair severance package the company owes and health coverage so that they can get back on their feet without living in fear of getting sick or injured. Senator Ed Markey understands times are tough. Brooks Brothers is not responsible for the comedy. To the financial devastation caused by this, But Brooks Brothers is responsible for keeping its were, he says. The company's suits maybe hanging in countless closets, but they cannot let Brooks Brothers leave their workers hanging out to dry. That is just plain wrong. Suzanne Sauce Ville W. B Z Boston's news radio, It's lights and action Finally. At the encore. Boston Harbor Casino Shut down for almost four months. It is a new world on the gambling. Florin Everitt facemasks temperature Jax, part of the new reality. Their protective plastic dividers also seen its slot machine social distancing at gaming tables. Restaurants are open the hotel and limited capacity. Still, hundreds of employees are off the job, and MGM Springfield will be ready to open under similar restrictions later today. Turns out it is a small world after all, but for the giant world of social media, it's all lit up over the reopening at Florida's Disney World. Disney world celebrated its reopening by posting a video to social media. But detractors welcomes by theme park employees stay at home at home since workers were all wearing masks the original post it was apparently easy to re edit the footage. Some users added horror movie music. One re opening in the midst of the Corona virus spikes is sketchy. Debra Rodriguez CBS News in 70 wait, Let's check on your money this morning. It seems to be headed in the right direction. Check in with Bloomberg business Now here's Tom Busby. Oh, yeah, And here's a good reason why I lock down Americans bought a ton of Garrido's ruffles, Cheetos, Mountain Dew and Pepsi during the pandemic. Pepsico have that big earnings beat this morning that was for last border raked in 1.65 billion in profit, and that is a good harbinger of the new earning season. Big banks report their latest results later this week, and investors are optimistic. It's got down futures up 200 points right now, despite the worsening news about the Corona virus and another bankruptcy, though in the slumping US oil and gas industry this time, it's a Texas based company called High Tech. It supplies the sand that's used in fracking for energy. It doesn't drill. It doesn't explore just the sand and it's going out of business. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on W. B. C. Austin's news radio. Also at Disney in Florida, the N B A is practicing and will play in a bubble. So how are athletes dealing with that? We'll get into that story. Next, It's 709 Was your car getting three weeks to the gallon? Well, those days are over as the phases kick in. Traffic picks out traffic on the threes on easy, Boston's news radio. Thiss.

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