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Back leading Tyler Goodson tightened our slot receiver in motion. Teachers looking for Tyrone hasn't got touchdown. Tyrone Tracy Jr. What a route. Nazli Airfield. I'm G Count Spencer Peter's past for 1, 93 and a touchdown. Tyler Goodson rushed For a buck 11 as number 24 hour investing Nebraska 26 20. They've won four straight six in a row in the serious This is SportsCenter all night on ESPN Radio. I'm Jim basketball kicker Sarah Fuller will suit up for Vanderbilt, the goalkeeper on the Commodore's women's soccer team will become the first woman to play the Power five football game if she sees action. Against Mizzou today, Fuller tried out added to the roster this week. Van he's been without several specialists do tow covert 19 of protocols. Darren Ambrose. The Vandy is soccer coach on today and Gola Junior on the technique of kicking a ball being similar to that of a field goal kicker. That was a gold people like Sarah and I kicked S o. My rubber became back in the day when I was a kid, and the technique is really similar. It's incredibly similar is talking to Sarah today about it. The timing is a little different, but the actual technique is almost identical from replacement than hip rotation follow through the whole thing. She can kick. I have every confidence that you should get the opportunity. She can put a ball through the uprights, and that would be cool to see her split The uprights this afternoon Keep it. With women's soccer Rose level scored against the Netherlands again. U S Women's soccer team won a rematch of last year's World Cup Final two to nothing The Americans hadn't played 261 days because of his Corona virus pandemic coming up. The Buckeyes again cancel because of covert. What does that mean for their college football playoff hopes? Notre Dame stays unbeaten and we'll talk all things college football with Heather Damage joining us when SportsCenter all night returns. This is ESPN radio. Eight shape Peppler Kornacki Sean J. Willens.

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