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No more free rides fair started on empty buses this morning collections again after more than five months without charging riders. City Transit. Interim President Sarah Feinberg was on WCBS earlier today. Alas, we do need to start collecting fares again as you and others are aware the Mt is an am really serious financial situation and Now is really the time that we have to start collecting fares again, Of course, making sure that our riders you're safe on our bus operators or safe is our top priority. So while we're collecting chairs were also opening up the bus a little bit to make sure that there's ah additional ability to social distance full service resuming today as well on the 45 and six trains. A man was shot this morning, right in the middle of Times Square Police. They say there was some sort of argument at around six when shots were fired happened at 46th and Broadway. The whole thing caught on NYPD has cameras. The man in his thirties who was hit was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his foot. Police are trying to track down the suspect last year lately in Polanco, a 27 year old transgender woman died while in solitary confinement at Rikers. She had been held in isolation for nine days. We're now learning her family has agreed to a lawsuit settlement against the city for $5.9 million, a record for an inmate's death in a city jail. Polanco died from a seizure. She was being held. On a $500 bail. It's 10 11 at WCBS Hiring could be challenging, but zip.

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