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To the coffee shops the restaurants in the vas in ballarat bendigo geelong anatole k. We'll be a thing now. In some cases we're not only getting into acas but if we have the preference of what we've locked in the past. Some of those things are gonna be. Ah gotta be potty bad decision when we look at the buys decision quantity in times of what we're looking to buy way. We're looking to bach. And i wish we could bode audiences locked borrowed that little section. You just said they win. The growth comes in that part of the world. Y'all gonna get the guard. Stay because you've made the wrong decision around the asset selection. Cy run a What you did the high for that help stave. I let us now socials. We'd love to hear from the next question banished from ebony on facebook and i'm just going to give you a little warning ben this is going to flick a soul for you. It is gonna is gonna bring Memory so you are suitably qualified to handle this question. So you i of that. Per se caution guy guy for happy to to to open wings and share shadow so others can learn from them and there's probably the flag to the wonderful odyssey that we want to put a link to an article That will talk about your experience with this. Let's let's get on with mike most into the hello ebony All i have a question ran. Win is the best time to sell your investments band. My husband and i mid thirties and have to investment properties. Right now in our town. The property market is ice. Cells market and prices are crazy. They must leave. Ben are canton has recommended we got. This is a bit where. I want you to sit down air accountant. Content has recommended that we should say boss from a financial adviser and possibly sell both investments. And his the reason ben because they are positively geared and that we would be better off building a new home as an investment or investing elsewhere. Like a deep breath. Here we go. I'm really unsure about this. Because i think we already have to grind investments and we would be potentially paying more down the track for land should the markets died the same. However we've had one properties in the other for one year it could look at earning one hundred thousand the style of h investment. I guess it's hard to know if the market will start. These prices will crash when interest rates. Rise really off. The smith bosh from someone who is knowledgeable about property investments. Thank you ben. You are knowledgeable about probably miss mitzi. You'll qualify to this. What do you think well. The gyn is a failure to unpack..

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