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You key that you're discriminating and you're not allowing someone to come in that didn't happen in this case right that didn't happen in this case and i would have said then that that's wrong people come in and they could buy what they want because i think like capitalist i want people to buy my wears if if i'm are if evonne a jewish baker in a neonazi comes in and he buys two dozen rugowa which is a it's a connor that's a sweet cookie and it's rolled up its it's delicious i tell you it's delicious i don't know where to find it here may maybe a circle city sweets has it alas andy right i might think it's crazy the neonazi comes in the by rugova but i also might find that hilarious that he buys it from me i'm going to sell the ruggles if he wanted me to make a cake for a hitler's birthday the i'd have an issue with it but let's say tony you're just being extreme all right being stream a guy comes in with his boyfriend they want to buy supplies psalms from cookies guy comes in with his boyfriend they want to buy k cassoma cake a guy comes in with his fiancee this gay couples as we want you to make us a wedding cake and he says listen i'm sorry i just can't do the rational person says oh by and they calm of big it or whatever else they do it as the yelp review they do it to their friends they put it on facebook they make a video they protest in front of a shove whatever the case may be all the things that are within the law these two guys these two plaintiffs who so work clear or not peace loving folk charlie craig david mullins they decide to sue because they don't believe you have the right to say no and this is where we are so let me take it in its four and it's complete way number one of you can't say no you can't be free it is impossible the slave can't say no if you cannot say no regardless of the subject you cannot be free you have to be able to say no in a.

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