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A central campaign theme by President Trump and his supporters as they challenged Hillary Clinton over her use of an Email server NPR White House, correspondent timbre Keith is on the line. Hi there. Tom good morning. So why would this seeming detail of record keeping rules be important? Isn't this? This is basically about accountability. Right. Somebody ought to be able like Elijah Cummings wants to be able to go in after Kushner and see what he's been doing. Well, and it's the law is the other part of it the presidential records act requires all of this to be kept for history. And and for other reasons, and this investigation is not some new thing that popped up when Elijah Cummings became chairman of the oversight committee when Democrats won the house. In fact, this goes all the way back to March of twenty seventeen back when Republicans controlled the committee, but there's still a lot of information that Elijah Cummings says that he needs to conduct. Investigation as part of it. He met with the personal lawyer for Jared, Kushner, and Avangard Trump that lawyer is named Abby law, and he is citing a Cummings is citing the conversation with ABBIE lull in saying that Jared Kushner has used and continues to use what what's app as part of his official White House duties in addition this letter from Elijah Cummings to the White House says that Ivanka Trump hasn't stopped using her personal Email account for official business, and it also alleges that Steve Bannon a former adviser at the White House and an early national Security Council deputy KT McFarland use personal Email accounts, including an AOL account to discuss a proposed transfer of US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. So there were a lot of allegations in this letter from Cummings to the White House. Wow. Okay. The account. That's a specific deal that's been discussed. There. Let's circle back to Kushner, though, as best we can determine who is it that Kushner has supposedly been communicating with on what's up. Well, that is a very good question. And it depends on who you ask. Because what allies you're coming says is that Kushner's lawyer Abbe Lowell confirmed that Jared Kushner was communicating with world leaders and officials using WhatsApp well, Abby LOL after this became public put out a new letter saying, no, no, no, this is not accurate, and it's being misreported. He said that when he was asked about Kushner's use of what's app that he directed the committee to the White House and that win specifically asked about whether these communications were with foreign officials or leaders that that Abbe Lowell simply said that they were communications with some people. Okay. So what we have is two different accounts. Of a private conversation. I guess we must not have testimony under oath in this question. Yeah. We and we also don't have documents in that case. And and let me just say that to me what stood out the most from this Elijah Cummings letter yesterday was this line. He says the White House has not produced a single piece of paper to the committee in the one hundred sixteenth congress in this or any other investigation. Well, Tom, thanks so much. You're welcome. That's NPR's. Keith. The ACLU is heading to federal court in San Francisco today to try to block a new Trump administration policy restricting help people can claim asylum. The policy requires asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico, while their cases are pending in US courts for member station. K Q E D Alex hall reports. At this shelter in Tijuana rows of green blue and orange. Tents are set up on a concrete slab migrants from Central America. And elsewhere are here waiting for their next move. One of them is one Molina a doctor and political activists who says he left Honduras after escaping and attempted kidnapping by police in February Molina presented himself at the US Mexico border and ask for a silent our contact. Can carry several pages of listings for pro Bono attorneys? He received them from US immigration authorities when they sent him back to Mexico to await his court hearing, Becky I'm at. He says he called all of the attorneys on the list, but none was willing to help. Because he's not in the United States percent on the last week. The first of the migrants returned to Mexico under the migrant protection protocols had their first day in court, but there were problems. Attorney Olga video was there. How did it go? Not great. But he found out at the last minute her clients court date had been moved up due to a scheduling glitch. They had to scramble. She says neither the court nor officials with customs and border protection or C BP have a way to contact migrants in Mexico. They were leaving it up to see VP to notify people that CPI has no ability to notify them because they themselves don't know where these individuals are. Usually when an immigration hearing is rescheduled Baena says the court since a notice in the mail, but that didn't happen and some migrants miss their hearings. Some of these people have no homes in temporary shelters that. You know, they may go from more than one temporary shelter to another one. And when they issued these notices to appear, and they sent them back to Mexico. They simply wrote that the individual was in Baja California Mexico. They did not list specific address a department of homeland security official points out that migrants can check the date of their hearing by calling a court information hotline Lindsey to Laos ski executive director of immigrant defenders Law Center says even judges hearing these cases are frustrated there were five people who were not at their court hearings, and the judge pointed out that because of all of the procedural errors and issues with notice that he had seen that he was not going to move forward with the government's request to remove all of those people in their absence. Meanwhile, asylum-seeker Juan Molina is trying to work with the information. He has. Yes. He says he's been given an appointment to appear in court. He's worried these logistical problems will affect his case in an E mail. A department of homeland security spokesperson said the system is working properly. And at the agency is unaware of any problems with migrants, receiving legal assistance. The spokesperson also said that the department is working to make sure that migrants have the right dates. They're expected to be in court for NPR news. I'm Alex hall. Coming up on all things considered this afternoon. The army corps of engineers ordered the town of Hamburg Iowa to reduce the height of its lovey last week floodwaters over and now the town is underwater.

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