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Etcetera etcetera etcetera zoom zoom. I was hoping so this. It's it's a series of remember mazda that to add campaign with zoom zoom. Oh yeah that would for years. I feel like they should be assuming everybody's so so yes so. This is a series of the jets following a handful of students. but not. it's not like the one be like so much boy. State texas member following titan titan tight. Narrative is loose. Are that works. The looting of the vignettes tableau czyz. I if the subject subjects are compelling enough yeah maybe a little fly on the wall okay. Much i don't think we have to know them enough so it's a very on the fly. On the wall documentary it was closer to two leviathan than it was up in the sense that they all the filmmakers almost aggressively weren't inviting. You and like there were no title cards. Like there's this rodriguez seventeen. He lives in oakland or any. There was none of that. The talking heads and students actually directly. Nope occasionally they'll look at the camera at the guy filming and the wild in the cafeteria and they'll maybe address it but this is a fly on the wall dr appreciate because we all got talking fatigue. But there's there's a there's a nice mix. i think it's a little more context a little more through line a little more narrative just a little more push. The kids are interesting. All this stuff is interesting. Seeing covert happened in real time to high school students. I remember that was something. I thought of when kovic was like really like hidden hard roll or whatever it was it was like shirt. These fucking poor kids. We're supposed to go to their prom or homecoming baseball season. Or it's all been cancel. It was it was. It was devastating to think about it because like that mode. How many kids from high school team go onto play ever again. No i thought about how lucky you and i were because of our place and parenthood right. Now it would have been heartbreaking. Not only for the kids but for the parents do and we dodged a bullet. So far i mean they should still going on but you have to imagine nocturnes morning. That was the hopefully. They'll the one time they suspend all those things. Oh sounds critic proof. It sounds like it's the kind of movie critic soon right themselves. The i didn't cheat. I don't worship at the altar rotten tomatoes like you do Interesting and there's good moments to there's like this one of the themes of the movie before it goes into a lot of stuff is like the kid relationship with the police. There's like. I guess if there's a defacto through alliance they're trying to get the campus. Police removed right. They're trying to define them run again. Kicked off exactly eliminated. Say they're going to go into the pta meetings or i guess There what are they called not student council with the city. The city council. I would imagine education board but it doesn't matter what they're going. They're they're arguing their case. And at one point they have a symposium reich twenty kids talking to actual cops and the cops lesson. we're just trying to. We're just trying to al. That was really interesting. I wanted more of that lasted about three minutes. And then we'll move on to the next vignette. Eighty six percent on the rotten tomatoes. Forty four only forty for a review of for movie like it should be higher. You'd think a movie like sounds like critic porn so anyway interesting worth a shot. If you're if you love documentaries or who knows. Maybe this is up for an oscar on hulu because i know it's a hulu documentary. I am interested in watching this for sure. Because it's it's it's wasn't able to download it for my flight home. That's exactly right a lot of parallels to the documentary docu series that actually i am working on right now and producer role so a lot of similarities and I am very interested to see what this was all about. So i track that down. I promise you this though. I will not flip facet because no one needs that. This is by no means. Bad is just kind of all right and was. That wasn't quite. I was hoping all right. I got a movie that i saw brian good. Well that's what we do here. And i was like the biggest movie as far as i could tell that i had any interest in seen. I'm mainly because of individual named rebecca hall. You'll fan of that rebecca hall. Rebecca hall gives her. Aw i mean i didn't try rhyme right there you know. That's that's not bad hall. Fucking nails it every time most people know from argo the town. Perhaps the town brian how most people are like. Oh she's the love interest from the town. I would i would. I mean christine with where we saw her. Really shine the most probably but she was in vicky cristina barcelona. She's been out actress acting for a while and she's always great. She's one of my favorite actors working today. And a best known for vicky cristina barcelona and the prestige of the town prestige and the weakening. You know this is a an artist artist. This is a woman that's going to be up for many awards before ever. Everything said and done she will have at least one Drove and she will be nominated multiple times multiple times. I mean she gives her all. This is the store while predictions can ever hold avenue..

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