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It's still a baseball stadium. There's just no gimmicks. It's baseball park to see the people that have wore this jersey. You know, there's only a couple of franchises in all of sports that can even you know, rival this and even have that it'd be in this conversation. So, but when I have a chance to see sandy Colfax around Tommy Lasorda around, obviously, Don Newcombe around Maury, wills and just understand that the guys that have played for the dodgers. And what the dodgers have meant to not only baseball, but sports, but civil rights, you know, this organization has done so much for our world. So for me to kind of be a small footprint in this organization is overwhelming. Though Mendoza lie with Sunday night. Baseball's. Jessica mendoza. Just knows this Sunday night baseball. We'll get cranked up. I think our first broadcast is on March twenty eight that Thursday, we're going to be in Seattle Red Sox against the Mariners. And then three days later the first Sunday broadcast of the year. We will have the Atlanta Braves against the Philadelphia Phillies. We're just starting in the preparation on that. But before we get to any baseball stuff. Just you are a natural for this week's theme question, which is baseball caps and the question of whether or not you you like to wear them the question, whether or not how many you have you have particular favorite that you like to wear I know the answer because you've seen you wear caps. You know, pretty much every Sunday in our meetings. When we when we get together. But on top of that. I mean, you you basically grew up in a in a baseball cap. Yeah. I I live in. I'm wearing one right now. I just I love baseball caps. I don't know like in for a variety of reasons. But like it to me, it's it's it's like, I know that I'm just like home like I've just can walk around because the one thing about like our job is one when we're on air, obviously can't wear a hat. But also like your teams like things that you because I know you have a bunch of different caps of different teams. But you can never wear them. You know, right. When I'm home I can throw on like my old beat up because that's the best is like the cast that you've had forever. But I I also have an obsession. So I just buy more. So even though I never let go of the one that I had. So I was like fifteen years old. I also like I never get rid of any. I keep buying more and more and more. So I if you walk in our front door, we probably have between my husband, and I like forty to fifty caps just hanging on like a hat pinger. But like it's overflowed now. So there's hat like this. The first thing you, see our caps everywhere. Like, all kinds too. And it's it's it's actually pretty fun one of my favorite. So is my probably the the rivers Clemente one. I got when we all went to the. Oh, man. Yeah. I I worked twenty one because of him. So that one and honestly, it's a simple twenty one. And it's it's kind of funny because I wanted around and no one really knows what it is. Or what it's for. And they think it's like whatever team morale worn, that's that's a hat. I will wear to Yankee Stadium or around the dodgers or Mets or whoever. And it's funny because everyone just thinks it's like about them. Like, whoever twenty one is, you know, and I'm like come on know your history. There's only one Twenty-one people this Clemente. Now, I'm gonna get you in trouble with your new employer. The New York Mets, you do going to be consultant with them or. What's the what's the official title? Like your adviser..

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