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Increase on the along is coming up this Thursday night, I loved would be Arthur asked, if you and I would lead people in the hand jive, and I'm like, how am I going to do that, with a hand that doesn't go? You know, it goes like this. I can do the fist-bump way from poem, but I can't do this now. Do the little baby motions the other dances. I think we're gonna have a good night Thursday to out at sea. It just field. So if you haven't got your tickets, yet, you can still get them at a discount price at my door one zero seven one dot com or. So we woke up to the news this morning. The glory of Vanderbilt it passed away at the age of ninety five from stomach cancer. And I it was her son Anderson Cooper. That broke the news in Gloria Vanderbilt for some of the younger people. They might not know who she is. But he really I mean obviously, he knew his mom had been ill but it was very short. Yeah, we'll stomach cancer. Yeah. And he announced the news in a seven minute obituary package that combined photos and videos from an interview between them earlier, remember, they worked on their documentary on H B O rainbow comes and goes, yeah, I gotta watch that because they never watched them was based on a book, they did together, and it's now out in paperback, and it was published in, like, I think that's, like three or four years old. But it's a mother and a son on life love and loss. And she obviously has been life for ninety five years was a lie. So here is here's Anderson telling the early life of his mom Gloria Vanderbilt..

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