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It hit the sidewalk and bounced several times i am retroactively terrified but this whole story someone ran the cheer backup and it was it was completely perfect on damaged the navy was impressed and they gave wilton dangerous a huge contract in order to fill this contract he opened a huge factory and he called his business the electrical machine equipment company or emiko that's my fellow radio topi and benjamin walker host of the theory of everything podcast benjamin reported this story over the next few decades emiko shipped hundreds of thousands of these ten of six navy chairs to the us government from its factory in hanover pennsylvania it became standard issue for all worships battleships aircraft carriers submarines it's aluminum silver modern and minimal not too many flourishes it doesn't even have arms just three slats coming down from the back the top is arched would it squared off a bit on the sides it's a utilitarian looking design except it has one slightly unexpected enhancement there's a divot on the seat for your butt in the nineteen seventies amoco was purchased by a california businessman named jay bookbinder that's greg's father but by the nineteen nineties the company was losing a lot of money so greg took a trip to the factory to check on things when he got there things looked really bleak for emiko it was a skeleton crew and the guys were were just waiting for the company to close the government contracts had long dried up greg started to think perhaps this place should be shut down but then he overheard a phone call between the office manager paulina and a mystery customer she was on the phone is just know we will not chip your chairs you ship you send us the money i and slammed the phone down and paulina who said she always some guy giorgio money and.

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