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Trial in New York where he was convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking. It's 5 48. And take you back to Jack here in the traffic center. All right, we've got a delay as you ride the beltway, outer loop, Maryland, topside, you've got a slow down as you leave George avenue. There are two incidents before you get over to two 70. After Connecticut avenue, as you approach three 55, a wreck was along the left side, and we'd had an original wreck that was out closer to three 55 headed toward two 70 that was along the right, side of the roadway. Now on two 70 you're in good shape, no delays yet from Frederick south were a little bit heavy passing through hyatts town. We're good to go between the beltways 95 in the bottom or Washington Parkway. Good-looking trip college park on the inner loop all the way down toward the Wilson bridge and back with fewer lanes reported open. Now you're looking good riding in the district so far, I two 95 north, D.C. two 95 southbound is a little bit heavy down near boroughs avenue. We're quiet on the freeway so far. You're looking good in the third street tunnel. South Dakota avenue north near 31st street northeast, got a crash with the left lane there getting by. All right, bigger delays in Virginia. You're going to start on the westbound stretch of 66. The work zone that was headed out toward one 23 had just the right lane getting by very quickly backing up and picking up all those cones and barrels out of the roadway. East on 66 before 50 fairfax, that works on had been blocking the far right lane. I think that's finally wrapped up. Unclear if the work in Springfield cleared 95 northbound, the ramp to get taking onto the outer loop, it had been along the right side of the roadway. Now we were slow and acquire 95 going northbound the wreck before Quantico moved over safely to the left shoulder so do be careful there. You're in good shape as you make the ride on three 95 so far, leaving Springfield all the way up toward the 14th street bridge. Garrisonville roadies, dead mine road, lanes blocked there at the scene of a crash, do take that easy, be careful. The northbound George Washington Parkway, just before you get up to two 32 33 Reagan national, the crash along the right side of the roadway. Prepare to be moved. Try out the new 66 express lanes toll free between route 29 in Gainesville and route 28 in Centreville for a limited time. Learn how to use the new lanes at ride 66 express dot com. Jack take their WTO P traffic. Chad Merrill, we're into a nice few days weather here now. Bruce and Joan, we can't complain in Canadian high pressure will rule the roost over the next couple of days. We're waking up to temperatures in the 50s and 60s, the

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