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That story coming up after Cairo radio, real time traffic. Friday afternoon, Tracy Taylor had the past could hear your voice. We're running into a couple of problems for drivers. One is on at both directions of highway to out near at east of Campbell Road, D. O. T is alternating traffic in that area because of a crash. We're also looking at a line up for drivers on North and I five outside of North Gate and heading up to the county line. We can think that early erect, it's off to the side and a distraction for drivers for this. He will find some selling just after the Boeing Freeway past highway to the south, and five drives that a crawl outside of Lake City way through the downtown corridor and already starting to slow down, heading up self center Hill Valley Freeway. Little tied up is we Get past Willis South, and four or five is bumper to bumper between 5 20 Cold Creek Parkway. Looks like the drive thru to coma is starting to fill in. Especially for those of you coming out of fight. We'll have more on that in 10 minutes. Traffic brought to you by whole Foods Market Save on Sustainable wild cop Previously frozen sea scallops at Whole foods market 14 90 £90 through January 26 while supplies last, plus prime members save an extra 10%. Cairo radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. Now from the Cairo Radio New Center at my northwest Com Plains today that the head of our state's unemployment office is jumping a sinking ship by taking a new job with the Biden Harris administration, Cairo radios Nicole Jennings explains. After a year that's on unemployment backlog in a fraud theft of hundreds of millions of dollars. Senator Mark Chesler says this was not the appropriate way for commissioner Susie Levine to leave very disappointed that the fight administration chose to reward in confidence. Honorable thing would have been to resign months ago, Kessler says. My answering calls from people who can't get their unemployment His office has had to do E s T s job for them. Levine presided over the ES de during record unemployment due to the pandemic. The post New Year's Eve Koven surge It appears to be over in King County Public Health, Dr Jeff Duchin today continued to ride a covert roller coaster and we're currently going down. But he does expect some of the new, more contagious strains of Corona virus to boost transmission. In the coming months. You may qualify for a covert vaccine, but have you tried to get one Cairo seven TVs Alison Grandi reports made him a collie called Right when the Poly Clinic opened their vaccine registration on Wednesday morning, I dialed in nine Capri dilly. Until eventually I got through and was put on hold and 40. Minutes later, I got an operator. That operator transferred her call after waiting on hold another 30 minutes and I get a recording that says sorry. All of our appointments were taken. Next, she tried the Poly Clinics website. Then she branched out to Fred Hutch and U Dub Medicine. Still no luck landing an appointment. Healthcare providers are urging patients. The demand is high. The supply lobe. Seattle businesses are demanding city leaders and police crack down on violent protests in the city, the head of the downtown Seattle association tells Cairo seven TV she was from around the country today, Waking up to headlines about Seattle's inability to deal with extreme violent thugs about 150 people rampage through down the downtown area Wednesday night, smashing windows three people arrested. Washington National Guard will be leaving the state Capitol in Olympia, but an increased number of state troopers and that fencing will stay up security was ramped up ahead of this week's inauguration. Yurkiw over. Radio forecast calls for mostly sunny skies today with highs in the mid forties. It's 45 in downtown Seattle. Another boss, We're breaking news highlights, podcasts and more download the Cairo radio.

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