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You were mentioning the old mile high yeah I wonder if you remember a radio Broncos game there snowball fights in though the snow all right ma'am it was the girls would say as Lincoln Kennedy Lincoln ever that I'll remember because I was in the far end zone when the game ended and no snow balls just came raining down it was one of the most surreal things I'd ever seen so I'm like let me hang back I don't to be in and near the players I don't wanna get there because it was the water ice balls and I think I can tell the story now so twenty years later Charles what's is walk into the tunnel that's where you have to walk you know to the to the far end zone where the bleachers were vibrate neighbor duck into the locker room there Charles Woodson gets hit in the side of the head is where his helmet smartly it's hidden inside here with an ice ball he doesn't react it takes a couple of steps he picks up an ice ball and he just keeps walking you never break stride he bounces it in his hands a couple of times and he just turns into form just fires it no one in particular attracted as it goes right any hits this ladies hello the cops came into the locker room looking for Charles Watson but they did go to the crowd event a linking it to kind of got a little busy with the crowd so the call them but they were looking for Charles Watson someone else saw that and got trolls would send to the airport before we all got there and this is when you they would could they would have a gate force and it was as a bar next to the gate and so it was sitting in the bar by himself as we all showed up I don't remember it begs to ally C. would man was happening he was like man I really messed up did not I gotta get that a lot it's it's I don't know I've never heard of that in my mind but I just feel like they were cop cars behind the plane as we were to get off you can see these red and blue lights why does but see would just blow lasted and they loved it they love to throw the the have rookie hot shot.

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