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And then and then yesterday played very well. I mean AB in the second half into too much. They had fourteen points sports. Well, though, they played wealth the offense ten to twenty yards to four string. Yeah. We we also gave up two touchdowns the Brandon Bolden last week that happens. But they're getting better is a fair to say that he has been in a position recently where he just has to outscore everybody like Peyton Manning used to have to because defense is so bad. And now he's getting a little older, and he's not quite the arm or decision maker used to be. So this happening. This is the same the same season. We beat the chiefs. We're still talking about the same team that put up forty three points against this is December now. Yeah. Before game suspension to kinda rest in. You know what I mean? He did to get. So then fell today, you must agree quarterbacks are built to last in this NFL, especially with the TV slope, trim forty some years old. That's by point Tom forty. It's time Tom's been when he went for a long time once four more years after this one because he hasn't. He's got so much scrutiny last year from suck in the breath out of his child to live longer. Whatever it takes. No, no word yet. No putting up ten points on that defense. Oh, digs should there. Be somewhere. I don't think the patriots weirdo. I really don't until they lose the place to that shoddy. My mind. There's still the favorites in the form squirms. You gotta understand listening to America. Don, America's gate, America arms around it. You are done..

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