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Wanted more men to become doctors Tokyo Medical University has apologized for manipulating all entrance, exam results starting in. Two thousand six to limit the number of female students the manipulation was revealed during an internal investigation it found that in this year's entrance exams. The school reduced all applicants. First-stage test scores by, twenty percent and then added at least twenty points for male applicants the school said the manipulation shouldn't have. Happened and it, won't in the future it said it would consider. Retroactively admitting those who otherwise would have passed the exams although it didn't explain how it would do it The. People of room finally have the beach along the Tiber river sure the calendar might say some over but the. Unofficial beach officially was inaugurated last week Friday rooms populist mayo Virginia Raji promised riverside strand months ago admission. Is free and the beaches and to be open until October thunderstorms and uncompleted details. Kept rooms waiting until Sunday for full day of sunbathing and. Beach volleyball Marconi beach critics say the Sandon lounge jazz so far. Away from the hall to the Italian capital. Residents might as well travel a little further, to swim in the Mediterranean Sea coast yet they also say, the Tigers too polluted for swimming with rats often seen. In the river, city halls is creating the beach cleaned up the area once. Known for illegal shantytowns one of the biggest prehistoric fortresses in Europe in the bronze. Age has been found by Romanian and German archaeologists They say it dates back some thirty four hundred years it was built between fourteen hundred BC and twelve hundred BC near the town of Santana in western Romania. A. Researcher at the archaeology institute in northwestern Romania said the team. Use specialized archaeological magnetic to take.

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