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Out of Concord coming down through bow New Hampshire. We've got delays off Cape and we've got issues downtown to we'll get to that in a minute here with traffic on the threes, All right, the unofficial and this summer in many Americans are confronting a grim reality. What a change from Memorial Day when so many Americans and their doctors believed the worst was over. But Labor Day has dawned with daily covid deaths above 1500 for the first time since March. Covid is a crafty Adversary, and it zeroed in on the easiest targets millions of unvaccinated Americans, mostly in the south, new treatments have brought hope so far unfounded. The Covid fatality rate is now four times what it was a year ago. Vicki Barker, CBS News Labor Day comes as a labor shortage continues to impact businesses all over the country. As of today, extra federal employment benefits have ended. The labor secretary and former Boston mayor is offering a message to Americans get vaccinated to keep the economy afloat. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh pushing for unvaccinated Americans to get a vaccine this Labor day, Walsh says schools and parents of students Could face problems. Otherwise, it's some schools don't reopen over the course the next week. That's when that's when we potentially have some issues where parents have no place to put their kids they'll be learning back on June, parents will have to be home, so we have to monitor that pretty closely and quite honestly, That's why we need to get people vaccinated in this country get more and more Americans vaccinated, Walsh says Getting Americans back to work remains a top priority of the Biden administration. Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's news radio, a stabbing near Boston common last night, police blocked off part of the theory theater district in downtown crossing after 10 PM to investigate. It's not clear yet if anyone was hurt or if any arrests were made. The stabbing happened near Tremont and West Street's investigation is ongoing. A new indictment in a decades old Boston cold case. Details coming up It's 4 33. We go back to the road. Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three. Let's get the details on those holiday backups from Mike King. A lot of folks are coming home this afternoon here, Madison out of Maine, New Hampshire. It's the main turnpike 95 South that's backed up shortly after Exit seven in York and reaches really all the way down to the Hampton Tolls. This is close to 17 miles of Stop and go. Make sure you fill up your tank. Make sure you get plenty of snacks. 93 South bound is backed up close to 10. Miles now conquered down into bow. It loosens up there, and it's actually good through the hooks at tolls. This, in turn has got 89. He's jammed almost a mile and a half. Just trying to get on to 93 South delays getting off cape Oh, yeah. Route six West is locked up before route 1 32 the SAG Amo Bridgette's under five miles, and that's actually better than it was just a little while ago Route six. A seems to have eased out to sandwich from route 28 is pretty good. Coming up from Falmouth right into the born rotary along the canal. There is a backup on sandwich road coming into the into the born but Route three. Northbound pretty good. Coming up to Plymouth in Kingston. There is some stop and go as you make your way up past route 53 past 2 28 and the worst of 4 95 North is coming up Password 18 and route 44. And we've got an issue downtown. Let's check in with the Needham Bank traffic copter. It's a crash in the north side of the O'Neill tunnel in the middle of the road. It's really going to impact the expressway. It's backing up from about Columbia Road heading into the tunnel north on But otherwise not bad around the city. The second bridge looks good. Tobin Bridge is fine and not terrible on the liver Connector, David stuff. Alino, Needham Bank Copter and my king with WBC's traffic on the threes and the four day forecast some clouds in a shower in a few spots tonight, turning out clear later on down to 63 for Boston fifties for most suburbs tomorrow.

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