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Let's Santa and Mrs fox news use your W. C. F. G. three day forecast we are going to be dealing with some fog the why in nineteen ninety with the low down and dirty and he does move out on your days Saturday but it's going to be a windy day with a high forty one Saturday night slight chance of rain or snow showers low twenty ninth Sunday drive forty four Monday fifty three from the flag went to center I'm Tony Bolger on aim the London hundreds of like right now thirty nine attention North Dakota veterans did you know there is free transportation provided to veterans for medical appointments the services at no cost to you and available in several highly rural counties throughout the state call one eight hundred nine two oh nine five nine five or contact your county veterans service officer for further information North Dakota Veterans Affairs probably serving veterans from around the state with additional resources this message is sponsored by the department of veteran affairs in collaboration by the North Dakota broadcasters association and this station Scott handed here you're listening to it on court issued this morning's what's on your mind live weekday mornings at eight thirty to eleven with a nod for weeknights at eight AM eleven hundred why okay this hour by my pillow because we care about you why sure you'll love nothing you could do will better equip you to deal with whatever comes from the back flow from China I'm sort of called out a bad flu the China about to keep switching up.

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