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How often you get you get to see those guys? It's a rarity so which by the way if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't Disney own? Muppets now think Disney owns muppets. Right Miss Teenage Disney seems to own a whole heck of a lot They pay their employees Low wages that's how they were able to deliver that kind of quality to you other able to spend millions upon millions of dollars for film projects. That's how they're able to spend ten million dollars per episode on the mandatory. That's how you get that kind of quality so thank every Disney employees. Both at the parks and shooting within the industry. Thank them give them a big thing. Thank you because they are. They're working hard and it is from their blood sweat and tears that you dear dear listener are able to Travel to Disneyland and pay the low price of two hundred dollars. A ticket and Twenty dollars for fries. It's how that works and curious how passable it would be to make a theme park. I haven't seen a brand new type of theme park. I don't know if it costs a lot of money. I don't know I figured this day and age. You can get away with some key. Kick-ass rides highly technical.

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