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Podcast for helping you build an online business built a side Hustle Bill the research company build your brand in space that you want to the thorny and so that you can change the world with your work with your research with the power of that business. You're building so I'm your host Dr Chris Cloney antennas up so we have our repeat guests back on Dr Melni Bruce. We're talking about when and how to rebrand your online business not only appreciate you taking the time to come back on the show again and and talk through this process with the listeners absolutely great less left us says happy back and sharing my life with everybody you got it so we e-last Melania on the show on episode sixteen which is only two episodes ago when we were talking about using instagram a lot of great tips about how to use it what the different structure in processes are and really good interview so releasing these in the future. I'd encourage you to go back and check that out. We shared a little bit of Dr Bruce's story in there but this is actually sharing more story. I think we're talking about how when and how to rebrand your online business so that are just tuning in Dr Melanie Bruce <unk> as a p._H._d.. In consumer behavior from Southern Cross University in Australia she was a system professor of Marketing University Tennessee's. He's now moving down to Mississippi or up to Mississippi Canadian so U._S.. Geography is not that Good Speaker Small Business Marketing consultant and she started blogging as part of <unk> a core she was teaching at the professors dot com. She then moved that into a into a business that she was monetize and use it to Greg consulting gigs and speaking gigs but just in the process just recently checks rebranded to the leveraged P._H._d.. Dot Com and it's not that often that you get a big website the re brands like that we did it with my my business about a year ago. WanNa get the inside scoop on what that looks like those that are considering moving from from one brand to another so with that that is a great place to start is what led you to to wanting to rebrand your online presence. There's actually a couple of reasons why I needed felt like I needed to rebrand and the I was at my blog had really shifted in what I in the content that I was creating and the content that was the most popular resonating with people I started wellbeing about how to organize travel studies because I came to the United States and found that students he didn't travel very much in that travel study was a big pot of the college experience they have and I have a love travel and I wanted to help other academics particularly within the United States where this model is really popular however over time I realized that I was posting mole content about how to get a job in the United States as an academic because that's what people wanted to ask me while you got your degree in Australia. You grew up in Australia. How do I get a a tenure track position in America so it's not creating content around that and around personal branding and I realized that I wasn't really posting content anymore about travel L. Study and being a professor out there in the world traveling around the same time? I realized that with this new shift I now had had a direct competitor. I'm doing <unk> because they don't really competitive just somebody that's in the same sort of area in helping people in the same way that I wanted to help people and when I started to rank on her brand names when Google started sending people to my site instead of hose I decided that it was time for a change because I was encroaching on her brand that she had developed quite some time before I had so I felt like I was in her space rather than it being my own space so I wanted to create my own space and it listed wanted to change the name of my brand to be aligned aligned with what I was now now doing which was helping p._H._D.'s to leverage the hence the name the Leverage Pitch Day. I love it and I mean that's along the lines of with what we're doing and it's important message important topic of helping people with P._H._D.'s. You know get to the next level. Whatever that is for them? It's finding a <hes> an academic physician. If its findings outside of academia building a research company that's brick and mortar building online business or building a personal brand. It's aw it's all important and I do want to. I do want to comment on the competitor thing because there's so many people there so many pizzas and need help and so many so few the Roxie providing and help that I do think that it's just like you said it's not really that were competitors. I'm not the person you were talking about if I made it sound like that but it's just more of that for yourself I think the brand names quite similar so they're just leads a little bit of confusion right. Absolutely I mean marketing we talk about creating brand and you don't WanNa have confusion of love who they're talking about what the talking about and it is just so close you know she's the professor is in and I was the professor is out at the to close it was I'm GonNa be a strong brand in the future and I wanted to have a strong brand. It was important to me was what I was trying to help other people do I couldn't have for myself. It makes a lot of sense and I would encourage the the listeners to go check out. The professor is in as well. It's a she does great work on her website and on her platform platform as well but I could see that just having three letters changed the two letters could could cause some brand clashing brandon fusion so is a great kind of choice was any other reasons. That was a natural time for you. Besides you know your your focus was shifting wanted to look at a new brand that made sense to move on anything else there no particularly particularly I did have well. I guess there is actually I had a life change. I had my first child and because of that I was traveling a little bit less. <hes> no Chris recently had a a child. A load of academics have children and we do have to change up Ou- priorities in life and I was traveling a little less before I had my first child I was doing at least three trips a year with students in addition to another three or four tricks personal trips so travel is a huge part of my life. It definitely is still a big pot of my life took a small break when my son was first born but have since continued continued to but I'm just not doing six or ten trips a year anymore so I didn't have the content as well to to put out there and I do want to Isaiah missed might come up light up. Just say don't think rebranding isn't as hot as people might think it is and don't get scared to get started because you think oh what if my brand's already taken what if I figure out that I'm GonNa Change my direction in the future because you can always change it light on you can enjoy it. I'm an example of that Gregory's an example of that so yeah listen on unless let's do this together yeah and I agree. My first blog was my dust dust explosion research dot com which is a terrible name. It's hard to say it's hard to remember and changed does safety sciences now where my my industrial social safety companies that we've expanded and now we have crowd blogger which is obviously this platform. You can always change it. Don't let me say don't let stop stop you from getting started and if you are so donald bringing started carry on for a while under your first brand if you're GONNA do that don't like change six times a year. That's not gonNa January but if it's time if can tell it's time they don't wait either because it's never going to get easier to rebrand. If you wait a year or two years or whatever you may find that you're doing for other reasons. You don't want to accept that new thing to your life that you're trying to grow into and you're kind of depressing issue so that's that's the psychological allows logical side of Well my goal is to help people who are working four or who have a p._H._d.. To use the <unk> to their full potential increasingly bracingly I'm seeing that people with P._H._D.'s cont get hired that this traditional route of going into academia isn't possible because there's just too many p._H._D.'s. It's too competitive. You can have a great list of publications. You can be researching really well. You can be a fantastic teacher doing all this service and you still can't get a position so my goal is to help P._H._D.'s Eva get an academic position edition or if they already have academic position sell that book that they're riding or be booked and paid to speak to consult bolt so p._H._D.'s are experts. We have a really bad name. We we don't have a good brand we we aren't seen as people that can do industry research well oil that can do consulting because we've seen Israeli theoretical and so by building your brand you can build your authority and become known as the experts in a particular area and I think Chris you're really great example of this. We look at your desk seclusion business and your wall gang and how you've you've created yourself as authority in that field in a field that type of thing didn't really exist before so on my blog I have heaps of Free Resources Mrs on establishing and developing pesto brand. I do a lot on social media because that is I believe it's a great way for you to build your your authority new brand. It's a very cheap way of doing it. It's take some time and you can definitely be strategic about that. So I have things is on there about what type of Hashtags you can use a what platform that you should be on end also have a coal so for those people who really want to invest Aston themselves there is I do have content that you can obviously pay for but I really WanNa help as many people as possible so lots of free content on my blog or you can leverage average P._H._d.. Use It to the full extent and that can be from when you starting your H._d.. When you still in school still studying to even if you're you've been out fat ten or twenty years you can still <unk> your I love it and it's obvious the <unk> success you've had through the you know your career with with starting outing with professors out the other busy? Doing we talked a bit about this and in episode sixteen but consulting speaking some sort of passive income models courses nurses on leverage P._H._d.. I mean there's a lot of steps involved. I guess in one on one hand but in my mind it's so open and available to to ninety five percent of P.. C. The students if you're like me chances are you're an obtuse area of the world. Minus is not even all explosions and Industry the only ones containing small particulate matter and mostly William notion what that means but let's sugar duster coal dust or whatever but if you're really obtuse you're probably going to be the first <unk> person ever to write about it. Online say you're probably going to be the first person to write about it online ever what an opportunity if you're willing to put yourself <unk> out there and start to grow personal brandon and things like leverage p._H._d.. And other groups. I'm ready to help lift those people up because there's there's some scary steps. None are particularly higher but a lot of them are are really scary and riddled with usher syndrome but this one encourage people you can do it and say yeah. I definitely check with the leverage P._H._d.. To help you get down along the <music> as well Chris. I also want to encourage people who think that they're on the opposite end of the spectrum as well because I'm in marketing if you go online and look for a marketing marketing expert there's a lot of us because we know how to market ourselves and so I have. I don't talk a lot about it too much. I try to just just to give examples but I don't want to talk about myself too much on my on my side but I have a business I consult with companies in marketing and I've established my personal brand as a marketing expert as well particularly looking and helping eco-businesses Stott up there and launching their products and and so you can do it if you <hes> extremely juice and detailed and ride in some area that you think nobody else is doing right now amazing opportunities but but even if there is already a lot of people out there doing this you can leverage you have a p._H._d.. which a lot of people in your area don't have very very very few? It'd be my be my guess now. It's really great point so the kind of goal here was a see saw I rebranded from my desperation. Research Dot com slash safety science dot Com <hes> dosage science dot Com rebranded from the professors out to the leverage P._H._d...

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