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The Brazilian Vandross. Mouton cheese, this is democracy. Now. I made me good minutes. We turn to Priscilla where far right? Former army officer who openly supports dictatorships in torture has been overwhelmingly elected president j air both Sinatra's election marks the most radical political shift in Brazil since military rule ended more than thirty years ago. He won fifty five percent of the vote easily defeating Nando had bad Jay of the leftist Workers Party. Sonatas campaigned on a promise to end corruption and crackdown on crime, but many fear the future of democracy in Brazil is a danger for decades sonatas openly praised the country's former military dictatorship one saying that dictatorship should have killed thirty thousand more people. He also has a history of making racist misogynistic. Homophobic comments has spoken in favor of torture has threatened to destroy him prisoner banish his political opponents. He's encouraged police to kill suspected drug dealers once told a female lawmaker shoe was too ugly to rape. He also. Said he would rather hear that a Senate died in a car accident than learned that his son is gay on Sunday nature. You're both Sinato claimed he would help liberate Bersell. Via fifty. Where my witness that will be an advocate for defending the constitution for democracy for freedom. This is my promise it's not one of the political party. It's not the word of a man, it's an oath to God vote. Do you want me L deals? Maybe I thought it was view we too we will liberate Brazil and the foreign ministry from the ideology of its international relations that it subjected Brazil to in recent years, Brazil will no longer be different from the countries of the developed world. Both got that ice gold by Kip boys will seek bilateral relations that adds to the economic and technological value of Brazilian products. We will restore international respect for our dear Brazil, thousands of protesters poured into the streets of Sao, Paulo and other cities in Brazil to protest sonata selection. Begging me. I am in morning not for me. But for Brazil, which doesn't deserve this. It doesn't deserve. This. Ignorance the Brazilian people are ignorant. Brazil owes a lot to lose the Giro sonata directly benefited from the jailing of the former Brazilian president Louis SEO Alytus ovo who'd been leading all presidential polls. Earlier this year, he's been in jail since April what many considered trumped up corruption charges to prevent him from running for president. Both the Nata will be sworn in January first two thousand nineteen just moments ago. President Trump tweeted had a very good conversation with the newly elected president of Brazil J bulletin auto one is race by a substantial margin. We agreed that Brazil and the United States will work closely together and trade military and everything else. Exclamation point. Excellent. Call wished him. Congrats. Exclamation point to discuss. The implications of both are not as victory we go to Rio de Janeiro to speak with. Pulitzer prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, one of the founding editors of the intercept Glenn welcome back. Your response to both out his victory. Well, I think it's really important to put it into its proper context for a long time. The western media was referring to him as Brazil's Trump. That's how he was marketing himself. The reality is much different. He's by far the most extremist leader now elected anywhere in the democratic world. He's far closer as we've discussed before to Rodriguez territory, the president of the Philippines, or even general Sissy the dictator of Egypt, a journalist Vincent Bevan's based in for a long time in Brazil. And now in Indonesia has made the argument that he's far more extreme than territory. I think that the keeping to understand about Bolsonaro is that he really comes not from this modern outright movement of the type of Donald Trump or not Joe Farraj marine Le Pen, but the Cold War far-right that curate out enormous atrocity the name of fighting domestic communism, which is what both in our beliefs has primary product to be recently about the cleanse the country of left-wing opposition, which he sees as a communist front until the the threat and the ideology is far more extreme than anything in the democratic world. But the dynamics is as far as why he won are quite similar in that it was driven. Not by a sudden, far right ideology convergent on the part of this population Brazil, but anger and desparation and hopelessness about the failures of the establishment clause. During an interview with Brazilian television program back, oh like almost twenty years ago chair both sonata said through the vote you will not change anything in this country. Nothing absolute nothing, it will only change. Unfortunately. When one day we start a civil war here and do the work that the military regime did not do killing some thirty thousand starting with f h c then president Fernando Rica Cadeau sue not kicking them out killing if some innocent people are going to die fine in any war innocence, die talk about his stances. Glenn greenwald. Many issues from LGBTQ issues too. Women's rights at cetera.

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