Stein, Bob Muller, Rosenstein discussed on The Stephanie Miller Show


Stein to me would be the same as firing bob muller rosenstein overseas the scope of the investigation he signs off on any major actions that are taken in the investigation as i think we all saw last week when michael collins office and hotel rooms are rated that had to go from bob muller to rod rosenstein so firing rosenstein would have in the short term the effect of disrupting bob muller's investigation and i i think at least grinding to a halt until a new person i was able to get up to speed but in the long term whoever over whoever was the boss of muller and whoever over oversees the investigation they would certainly feel that if they took a step in any direction that donald trump did not like that could mean it was her last step and they could be fired so it'd have quite a chilling effect so to me they're firing either one of them should have the same consequence which is a direct referral to the house judiciary committee a lawyer representative how high the bar had to be for this raid i mean for the president to tweet things like they broke into my lawyer's office as if this is unfair and i'd like to look at the evidence before the investigators look at it this is just screams i'm above the law right it also screams that he doesn't know the law he thinks he's above it maybe because he doesn't know it certainly because he doesn't have respect for it but when i look at you know what the fbi did last week i believe they probably had evidence that there was imminent likelihood of destruction of evidence that for them to go in you know without notice without sending over a grand jury subpoena to michael cohen and his lawyers asking for production of documents there was likely fear that evidence was going to be destroyed which shows just how serious this isn't to me also for the purpose of the russian investigation it demonstrates that michael cohen is likely a shadowy operator and so if he's willing to go to great lengths to to conceal you know these contracts with different women for the president what links to go to to you know conceal the trump tower in moscow can we really trust him when he says he wasn't in prague what did he know about the.

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