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Wouldn't you disappointed? They didn't win ten games, I guess. What I'm saying like five, ten with I'm expecting. The only thing that I worry about is Thomas Davis misses the first four games and Thomas Davis for those games, and he's obviously a leader on defense. But if key clues there, then you know, I think all things will be fine. Will you got Dallas Atlanta, Cincinnati by week home for the giants? That's three and one or four? No. Yeah. That so missing are the four games you'd want if anything? It's just rest for the playoffs and Keithly. How we feel about him like he's doing great last concussion know who knows where we don't know exactly. But I mean he had a few last year, but he's working his way back. He seems to be like he's the face of of the team right now and everyone's all behind him. So can you give us your thoughts on the Cam Newton? Kelvin, Benjamin I, that was the best thing that happened to Cam Newton. You a hundred percent agree? Yes. Yes. Like a fucking dog love that a leader, he address them do his face. He tried to give him a chance to actually say something. Thomas Davis was standing right there. He could've let Thomas Davis linger around. He's all them get away. This man. Oh man. We're talking to each other guests who folded not Cam Newton. Absolutely love how to who can't get separation, still Kelvin Benjamin. Yeah. A lot of fan of these guys who you know, the big personality types and they're up and down and they get picked apart when they're younger, and then they really kinda mature into what they are. Twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine. Like what? Westbrook did whatever he is whatever you think of them guy won the MVP is late twenties, and I think Cam is like a sneaky MVP candidate. Like if the odds are. We're all the eyes are like way. I got him. You'll get at least thirty for that, right? I don't even see him on the list more than that yet. The ones I. Hold on. Let me go for it, but that goes back to what you were saying about. People don't really like Cam p people don't even want to bring up that he won the MVP. I mean, Westberg thing. Yeah. Super forty forty one forty, two one, so that Jimmy Garoppolo sixty one. That's fucking stupid. Just flat out dumb, but here's the perfect mix. So every all the Panthers fans had this thing about him not diving for that football, what? What's worse? Throw an interception on the one yard line or not timing football, right. You know what I mean? Russell Wilson doesn't have any hangover from that. It seems like it's very strange Mahomes at thirty. Three to one isn't shaking. Mahomes has better odds a kid. Can take you take seven quarterbacks and still make money on. This hasn't played a two years. It is on what are the worst of the league is twenty eight to what Andrew luck. We we have you right now to ask you your twenty eight to one odds to win the MVP this in fact, a slap in the face, Andrew, the giant. What are your thoughts? Honestly, just an honor to just play football and I'm just focused on one game at a time and doing what I need to do for coach Reich and the team. It's a pleasure to be back. All right. Thank you. Andrew luck. The words of Andrew lock who on August thirtieth will take on Pat Mahomes on the planet. You know what else I like for I know we're doing this week, but. What was the Bradley Bradley Chubb for rookie of the year. Can can you not? It has to be offense or defense, and there's like a defensive rookie defensive player, defensive. I don't even care what the odds are. I'm betting job. I'll find, oh three to one. It's not that good. His. He's the heavy favorite three to one hundred though, right? Yeah, it's three to one. You're gonna, but that's what I mean. He's gonna demolish teams this year. He might. I like the three to one. I think that should be even the odds on that. These other guys positions safeties in there. And I wish I could bet on those two guys get in a fight with each other von Miller and Bradley Chubb really, you don't. They get along. I think they're the exact same person. Oh yeah..

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