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Us on apple podcast Google place deterrence Spotify the urine roundup is produced at the C. B. S. news Washington bureau John Whitley is the technical supervisor I'm Steve Dorsey CBS news news ninety three point one K. F. local news breaking news traffic and weather and the K. F. I'm calling upon from ABC news Michelle Franzen in Baghdad U. S. troops fired tear gas on day two of escalations at the U. S. embassy pushing back hundreds of Iran backed militiamen and other protesters who set fire to the roof of a reception area inside the compound in response the Pentagon ordering additional troops deployed to the Middle East more than a hundred marines have already arrived to reinforce security at the US embassy in Baghdad two American Apache helicopters flying overhead and firing flares in a warning to protesters defense secretary mark asper now announcing in a statement an infantry battalion of about seven hundred and fifty soldiers has been authorized to deployed to the Middle East immediately after hundreds of protesters attempted to storm the embassy on Tuesday in as like a terror ABC news Washington new laws take effect around the country today including in Illinois where recreational pot is now legal that created long lines at the state's dozens of dispensaries early new year's day morning ABC's Ryan borough talking with customers outside one pot shop in Chicago ready aim to make their first purchases are you know what you're gonna buy.

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