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Point by wheels. You could also vote forgave Landis. Gog a surprise. You. Didn't edit that liner to say vote for me. The day got away from me. You got time. I do I do more more time you can vote for gave Landis Gog, and you can vote ten times ten times a day. He's in the final vote when I am tomorrow. I'm not sure how long it goes. Let me see. I mean, he deserves to go. But like this Yokich thing is more my mic crusade than planned discography. Nice. So who is? Pekka ranson. Mckinnon kane. Yeah. Cain made it and. Sagen no Sagan's up for the last. Oh, you have a full week devote. Okay. No rush. And you could vote for one player from each division. I've been whining and complaining all day about Yokich. You get around to voting for Gabe. Linda, scott. So. Whatever. That's what that is. All right. So. But does that let's get your thoughts on the text line? Because live you have been waiting patiently to have your text read. And I am I'm here to do. So Steve says Nicola playing the best ball of his life. But nuggets get no press should be a starter. That's what I'm saying. This is not go over the stats. Look watch a game. This is not. I worry about saying this in front of wheels. You could go either way on Taylor Haller. Nathan MacKinnon you could've. Now. I think that you looked at where the votes came from. And there was a clear tilt towards Taylor hall on the east coast of the country. But Taylor hall had a great season got the devils into the playoffs after being out for clear impact by one player. Clear. You you don't you think that was close Taylor hall clearly impacted the devils and McKinney McKinnon on the towel K. That's now that's not. I was starting to concede that it is. Okay. That Taylor hall was the Hart trophy winner. And now now I'm back now, I've recoiled and now I'm back on my east coast biocide. But with Nicola Yokich statistically. Anthony Davis is the only guy in the west that is appear to him. In terms of what he does filling up the box score every night. And I'm not saying put Nicole Yokich kitchen over LeBron. It's I'm not saying that but Stephen Adams, Paul, George. The number of votes. He's gotten is more disconcerting than where he stands. I think he can move up two or three spots. But the number Kyle coups. My is Han on his trail. Kyle coups Mont. That ain't right. How is d cousins ten on the list? I know right. And why would the NBA show that like what an embarrassment to the NBA that it's fans are so stupid that they vote DeMarcus cousins, even though he hasn't even stepped on a basketball court or worse yet. They think it's funny to vote for DeMarcus cousins because they wanted all star warrior starting five or whatever the reason is because people troll these days. That's embarrassing. Larry says saw the Knicks game in person and Yokich. He's even more mazing when you see him doing his thing live. It really is. I feel I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it's good to hear you say that. On another topic. The Broncos Thomas says Ryan, are you saying that the Broncos are interviewing head coaches? And then when they hire one they're going to tell them that they have an OC already hired any can't pick his own don't think so. No. But we talked about this with kubiak. And I do think that there's a fine line here. But the Broncos do have Gary kubiak, and they can broach the subject of hey, would you like airy kubiak has your offensive coordinator? I'm not saying that they're gonna force Zack Taylor on whoever. They hire. But one I think that more of these coaches at they're bringing in are intrigued by Zack Taylor over Gary kubiak as their offensive coordinator. And to. I'm just saying that John Elway. Wants to be able to present a solid case for Zack Taylor. So yes, I agree that they're not going because I said that yesterday about kubiak you're not gonna cram kubiak down the throat of whoever you hire. But Zac Taylor. And kubiak for that matter. You could just present the idea in a delicate way. And I think that more especially like Fangio like you don't think Vic Fangio's going to be like oh that Taylor kid, absolutely. You know, when he's going to say that. After the Rams play the bears next week. Prediction. Fangio's going to be like. Yeah. That's act- Taylor kid. He's all right. After goff. Beats the bears defense. He's going to say, yeah. I'll take him as my OC. Due diligence back to joker Steve says, it's just a popularity contest. All those players can't wash his clothes. Yes. Steve good. Call. Let's see. Geez. Dave says. Promote must grave until a better. Offense minded head. Coach is available to Denver Shanahan isn't the answer. Trade anyone for Eli in Antonio Brown. That's one thing. We haven't talked about a lot. If you're the Broncos would you be interested in Antonio Brown? Seems like a lot of trouble right now China does. But you it could be that. He doesn't want to be in Pittsburgh right now. Right. And if you read the tea leaves. And you remember a lot of what's gone on a lot of it has to do with Ben Rothlisberger. And not not just like my targets. I need my targets. It's been Ben Rothlisberger is called him out. On radio they've gone into Shannon. So I don't think even though Antonio Brown is wrong for, you know, doing Winky emojis at George Kittle, or whatever that was the other day. I don't think he's going about the right way. A lot of his frustration is because Ben Rothlisberger feels like he can do whatever he wants. Yeah. And call out whoever he wants whenever he wants. And Antonio Brown's like dude, I've I'm close to the same level while he feels like he's on the same. I'm a better receiver than I'm the games. Best receiver in your the games tenth best quarterback. Yeah. And I mean got a manual Sanders here. Former teammate that would probably have to be. Yeah. That would help. That would probably help are they too similar? Of the like. And Antonio Brown seems like a better fit might have to send a manual back. This two Steelers in order to do it. Football trades are so yeah, I mean, there's a reason that Emmanuel ended up here. Right. So. But just the notion not we don't have to go down. Because I don't think that the Broncos are serious contender for him. Because there are teams with more draft picks and more caps face. Just imagine this. And I know one of the positions is kinda set with who the guy was just imagine this. Emmanuel Sanders it Tonio Brown Levy on bell. Yeah. And that's the other thing we haven't even discussed that ERC Pittsburgh that their offense. Basically a Denver now. That's something. That's coming. That's something. That's coming. Would you? Again, if the Broncos are going to go drew lock, and that's what the Macher seem to think at this point. Yeah. Would you take that money and give it to Levy on bell, the case keenum money give it to Levy on bell? I mean the radically. Again, do you cut him? Do you find a trade partner from I don't know? I'm just saying. But I mean, if you're the Broncos, I mean, those kind of Philip Lindsay, I'm sorry, you feel comfortable with what you know. Good with that. You got Philip Royces a second option, right? I'm the wheels are starting to spin like who's available because that's the other thing is free agents. See wise. How could I forget Philip Lindsay? No, he was voted the FOX and friends fan offense rookie of the year. Be careful is the NFL on FOX's rookie, FOX and friends know Steve Doocy did not vote for Gretchen Carlson. Okay. Different department from. That's the house. I forgive out. The Disney department. Lebatardshow have the penalty box. Like if we add one of those like, I should go in it that I completely spaced Philip Lindsey. Shame on me. Two eight six zero zero four six coming up next wanted to get into this. The football hall of fame finalists are now out. There are more than a few with Broncos ties. We'll talk about them and who deserves to get in. We'll do that next here on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Here's an Xtra sports look at the streets. Northbound.

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