Anthony Scaramucci, Ryan Liz, CNN discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show - Ep. 350 - Mr. Shapiro Goes To Washington


I y hesitated to share this with you until later in the show because it is so glorious that i'm willing to lose my i'm gonna lose my mind it's so fantastic so we have now initiated the scare moti update for as long as in the white house so it is time for the scare mucci update let's play his theme song auguste almost minute junk bond both on the live name excellent okay so time for the scaramucci update so it all begins yesterday morning we go back in our time travel machine okay we're back in time yesterday morning anthony scaramucci sees that ryan liz i was reportedly called wednesday night ryan liz as reporting that what's here my she said to him or threaten leakers and that is in a fire everybody at center at rhetoric and serum which he calls into cnn and he starts off the conversation by saying i never meant to threaten rights priebus i never meant to suggest that ryan spree this is the leaker within thirty seconds he's explain the rights previous is probably the leaker and should defend himself guy novo leakers orb back them for not telling me because i understand and respect journal where however when i put out a tweet by port wine proved maamun the tweet they're all making the trumpster netted him because journal know who the leakers or of online want fixed point but he's not a girl let him do that if france wants to explain he's not a leaker let him do that yeah that's that's at it's a real strong repudiation of the idea that you don't think he's the league they think he's leaguer anthony scare liushi this do can do the.

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