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And consistently and reliably day in and day out. And you know, we do that with Shore based stuff, forcers horses, what we call a sectors a small boat stations and units, aviation units, deployable specialized forces and also been the large large cutters that we used to project more more offshore. They said. It's an incredibly nimble organization with you when you when you layer the authorities that we have been with the sweet of operational assets, it Ah it becomes really just a great way to continue provide those those assurances. To the American public and ensure that we are able to enjoy the lifestyle of the freedoms that we do as ah as Americans. That's absolutely true. All those things impact so many people virtually daily, and most of us don't even realize that that protection and services there Folks. There's a lot more to learn about our coast guard. Admiral Fagan is going to stay with us this colonel Denny Gillam on front lines of Freedom troops. It's push up time. I want you to do 103 push ups and somebody I do everyday, then take a break First day on the area Mark Levin weekday evenings on 11 50 w G o W am. Mike, you it here. It's gotta frustrate the heck out of the fire left. They have control of education. From Kenny Garden through PhD. They've got a lock on broadcast cable and print news, the movie industry of music they entirely controlled the states and.

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