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You probably didn't know it existed. She's been as involved in instrumentalists any person in this league getting attention. You'd think a league that barely anyone knows about would welcome that like. It's not like i was expecting a woman who's podcast is called thompson. Ceo to be all that committed to actual female Empowerment but i do expect her to have a clear view of what her brand is. An how constantly dismissive. It is of women's sports and women's sports leaks from the top down. I'm sure dini really does love hockey. But as i saw someone else and twitter. If you really want to support something you don't publicly tear it down. This was also frustrating. Not just because of the continued demeaning of a women's sports league these women who are playing through a pandemic for not enough money yet to live on full-time who play for the love of the sport they deserve attention for the sport and there has spent some really excellent hockey played in that bubble. The women really deserve to be able to just focus on that of course beyond the barstool nonsenses covid nineteen and. That's ben arguably the bigger problem for the whol. Two teams have pulled out of the bubble the rivers and the connecticut whale leaving four teams left to compete for this cup. Friend of the site. Elissa longmuir has been modeling. The season gives the toronto six the best odds winning it. All at fifty three percent toronto takes on the buffalo beauts in one thursday semi final and the other will see the minnesota whitecaps facing the boston. Pride the final will be on. Friday and all three of those playoff games will be broadcast on the nbc sports network which is very exciting and and a cool new thing for the league so maybe for at least a couple of games. They're the focus on the league can be where really belongs on the ice as a fan of hockey and someone who hates social media drama. I would welcome that. Yeah it's you know. It was really frustrating to see the journalists who have worked so hard to cover the sport and doing so a lot of them doing so independently. Your you know freelancing for various different outlets Get called out so publicly and four four saying. Hey maybe the league needs to be careful about who it associates with which i mean. That's true leagues do need to be careful about who they associated with. You know what. I think that leads to do. Lean more into canada one canadian team. It's not enough kanner. Women's hockey is obviously the gold standard for gold.

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