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Have countenanced. Any effort to encourage the Ukrainians Unions to engage in such conduct. I appreciate also that you were able. To debunk I hope for the last time. The idea that Joe Biden did something wrong when he accords with. US policy sought to replace a corrupt prosecutor. Something that not only the. US State Department wanted not only the European Union wanted and not only the IMF wanted but was the consensus position of the United States national security infrastructure. You didn't get a lot of questions about that today. As other witnesses did because I think you effectively said that was all nonsense. We appreciate your candor about that Marcin. I think what is most remarkable about your testimony is the acknowledgement that immediately. After the vice president met with presence. Alinsky in Warsaw. You witnessed Gordon Sunland meeting with Andre Earmark top advisor to presidents presents Alinsky and then immediately thereafter Sauna told you he had informed the Ukrainians that if they wanted that four hundred million in military aid they were going to have to do those investigations that the president wanted. And you were later informed and this is also significant as you've testified here today that the ambassador song and had a subsequent conversation with President Trump and informed you that it wasn't going to be enough for the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Zero to announce the investigations. The president wanted presidents. Alinsky had to do it himself if he wanted to get that a let alone the meeting in the White House now you've been asked to a pine on the meaning of the term bribery. Although you weren't asked to pine on the meeting of the terms high crimes and misdemeanors but bribery burry for those watching at home is the conditioning of official acts in exchange for something of personal value official. Oh acts we're talking about here. Are White House meeting. The president's Alinsky desperately sought and as you have acknowledged ambassador. Volker was deeply important to this country at war with Russia to show the United States. Had this new president's back that meeting was important important. That meeting is an official act. The military assistance is even more significant because Ukrainians are dying thing every day in their war with Russia and so the withholding a military assistance to get these investigations which you now have acknowledged master. Volcker was wrong for the president to request the idea of withholding that military aid to get these political investigations should be anathema to repugnant. To every American because it means the sacrifice not just of Ukrainian national security but American national so security for the interest of the president personally and politically republican colleagues all. They seem to be upset about out with this is not that. The president sought an investigation of his political rival not that he withheld a White House meeting and four hundred million dollars in aid. We all passed on a bipartisan partisan basis to pressure Ukraine to those investigations. Their objection is he got caught. There objection is that someone blew the whistle and they would would like this whistleblower identified and the president wants US whistleblower punished. That's their objection. Not that the president gauged in this conduct but then he got caught their defenses. Well we end up releasing the guess after he got caught. That doesn't make this any less odious. Oh yes Americans may be watching this and asking. Why should the United States care about Ukraine? Why should we care about Ukraine? And this was the import I think of the conversation. The now infamous conversation that Kiev restaurant with Gordon saw on holding the phone away from his head because the president was talking talking so loud. What is the president asking that? Call the day after the now infamous Dolinsky. What is he asking that cell phone call not not whether the rata had passed new anti corruption reform? Now they're gonNA do the investigation meaning into by UH and silence. Answer is they're going to do it. They'll do essentially anything the president wants. But what's more telling is the conversation. I think that Song Song has with the Foreign Service officer homes afterwards in which the President says basically Donald Trump doesn't give a expletive tip about Ukraine. He cares about the big things. and Mr Home says well Ukraine's at war with the Russians. That's kind of a big thing and and silence answer is no doubt he cares about big things that affect his personal interests. This is why Americans should care about this. Americans should care about what happens to our allies. Were dying but Americans should care about their own national security and and their own president and their own constitution and they will need to ask themselves as we will have to ask ourselves in Congress. Are we prepared to accept that. A President I'd States can leverage official acts military assistance White House meetings to get an investigation of a political rival rival. We prepared to say well you know I guess that's just what we should expect it to present the United States. I don't think we want to go there there. I don't think our founding fathers would have wanted us to go there indeed. I think when the founding fathers provided a remedy that remedy being impeachment they had the very concerned that the United States may betray the national security interests of the country for personal interests. They put that remedy in the constitution. Not because they wanted to Willy Nilly overturn elections no because they wanted a powerful anti-corruption eruption mechanism when that corruption came from the highest office in the land marriage earned I'll be right back with today's action steps but I I wanNa tell you about a program called circle. It's the most amazing effective secure way for my family to manage and monitor and limit the internet usage in our house. And here's the thing and I found I got on the Internet on the WIFI system. We have at the house. I found that we have over twenty different devices pulling from the Wi fi at any he given point in time from iphones and androids and laptops and desktops and video game systems and TV boxes. 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