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We told you a man hunt is now underway in Semin. County and officials say they're looking for a white Honda Accord in connection to a triple homicide. This is in chew Liotta. We brought it to you. As breaking news on Orlando's news at noon sheriff Dennis Lima said three people two men one woman found dead inside of a home on Sultan circle. Deputies went to the home to do a well dish check just after nine this morning and discovered those bodies a spokesman said the deaths are considered suspicious. We know exercise is good for us. But it turns out we don't really know why researchers at advent health a part of the largest federally funded study to figure it all out better understand the why and the how exercise promotes all these great health benefits. Dr Brett goodpastor tells me they wanna get down to the molecular level when you all sorts of substances are released into the bloodstream. We don't know what all these molecules are. So what they're going to do is take all different kinds of volunteers and had them exercise for twelve weeks. We'll do more aerobics others will do more weight training measurements and samples will be taken before. And after exercise and then analyze we will be measuring. Things that we don't even know exist. Perhaps Dr goodpastor says they can identify some of those molecules jeans and other pathways that exercise is affecting. They can navy developed non-exercise therapy or treatments for certain diseases or conditions. Gene Wexler, News ninety six point five WDBO, the bring communities still grieving over this week's mass shooting at a Bank last night. A prayer service was held to remember the five women killed the twenty one year old suspected shooter remains in the highlands county jail on no bond, and we heard from governor Rhonda Santa's today following the resignation of Florida secretary of state micro tell Ronda Santa's picked former Seminole county elections supervisor Mike or tell to be secretary of state before taking office in January. He says it's unfortunate or tell had to resign. After controversial pictures emerged at him dressed in a black face Halloween costume. But at the same time, I've got to have it administration. That's going to be focused on what matters to Floridians. And I don't wanna get Meyer. Fired into kind of site controversies. And so I felt it was best to just, you know, accept the resignation and move on. We've reached out to tell for his side of the story. Hombre caputo. You can see pictures right now in the news ninety six point five WDBO app. Lot of things happening in central Florida this weekend, of course, including the Pro Bowl in Daytona Beach of the Rolex twenty four going on at the International Speedway. Among the many things. There is one great free event. That's happening. We're going to have over fifty law enforcement vehicles out there for for display as well as the owners of it can and older cars that they fixed up and wanna show that's Karl Reagan with the Oviedo winter springs optimist club who puts on an event the event in conjunction with the winter springs and Oviedo police department, and it's not just police cars houses in games and all kinds of fun things plus food. We're gonna have a police canine demonstrations emergency response vehicles swat. A police helicopter and a lot more. It happens at the Oviedo mall from ten to four tomorrow. Also, if you're looking to get out and enjoy the cool weather this weekend. The Florida national scenic trail is officially a bit longer today. The Florida trail association cut the ribbon on a brand new section of the trail at lake Lizzie conservation area of Osceola county. Four five at news ninety six point five WDBO, huge savings on new and.

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