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Before we bid you view for today. The, uh let's see here. Ginger gerbils back to ginger gurgles because I got it audience. Rachel Levine. That name should sound familiar to you if she was in charge of the health Department up in Pennsylvania. Transgender Dr Rachel Levin. She's was a man. Now she's She looks like Bruce Vilanch. If you know who Bruce Vilanch is. But she has been nominated to be the deputy secretary of how health and human services under Joe Biden, because why not honestly? Dr Rachel. She just checks a box. Rachel Levine checks a box And so, Yeah. Okay. Well, we can appoint a transgender person will be super duper inclusive. The problem is That Rachel Levine oversaw the decimation of the nursing homes in Pennsylvania. 12,000 deaths, half the states total. Came from nursing homes in Pennsylvania as a direct result of the governor up there, Tom Wolfe and Rachel Levin's plan their executive order that insisted that ordered nursing homes. To take in covert positive patients. Now, if that sounds familiar to you, that's because that's exactly what happened in New York. Also exactly what happened in Michigan. It's exactly what happened in New Jersey. The places with the highest death totals particularly concentrated where more than half of their deaths Or roughly half of their deaths are in nursing homes were as a direct result of liberal Democrats. Ordering covert positive patients into nursing homes. There's really no getting around it right now. Andrew Cuomo is being investigated criminally allegedly Because of that, and the attempts to hide his complete and total failure and fumble on this thing, and Joe Biden goes and nominates somebody who did the same thing. In Pennsylvania. What's worse, actually about what Dr Rachel Levin did in Pennsylvania is Dr Rachel Levin's mother lived in a nursing home. As Dr Rachel. Avi, I assume everybody has got a Ph. D s different. It's the Joe Biden Room. Dr. Rachel Levine. As Dr Rachel Levin was signing this executive order and implementing this executive order and reassuring the people of Pennsylvania that there was nothing to fear about this executive order that everybody is going to be safe. Don't worry about it. If you've got a loved one, a nursing home Dr Rachel Levine Woz pulling Dr Rachel Levin's mother out of a nursing home. Have that very same moment. Well, it's like telling everybody that the food is fun that, though don't worry that the food is not poisoned at all. As you're taking your full plate of food of which you haven't had a single bite and scraping it into the garbage and throwing it away and then quickly scrubbing your hands. No, no. Nothing to fear from this food. It's perfectly fun. Why aren't you eating? It will just just shut up. Ginger gerbils was asked about this yesterday, and her answer was rather dismissive. To say the least. Cut seven go ahead. Anyone more actual living in her confirmation is not a lot of opposition from Republicans specifically about the cove in nursing home scandal. She's implicated in Pennsylvania for signing the directive on May 18th while taking her own mother out of the nursing home. There was only 12,000 senior deaths. That's half of the death of a Jackson. Hello, Vania. This is the same scandal that hobo is facing in New York and the governor of Pennsylvania is under investigation. So what is the What is your administration feel that Rachel Levine should get a pass on this and get such a high official position as a healthy human services department? I have to look into more specifics of the detail his here It does not sound it all to me like the Similar that her scenarios similar to the scenario in New York, but we'll follow up with youth with more to offer. I love it. It doesn't sound anything like the situation in New York. Yeah, it's very similar. Except instead of covering up the numbers of dead in New York the way that Cuomo did for his own political gain. Dr Rachel Levine Took Dr Rachel Levin's mother out of a nursing home for their own personal gain. So it's it's different. One was for political gain. The other one was to keep somebody's mother alive. While lying to the public about it. But the last bit of the end was a well I'll look into it. And if we have anything more to say about we're not gonna Not she doesn't care. The White House doesn't care. Joe Biden doesn't care. Rachel Levine saved Rachel Levin's mother. While sentencing 12,000, Pennsylvania senior citizens to death. By forcing them to take in covert positive patients for whom they were not ready or capable of. They're not nursing homes while they can administer, you know, blood clue ghost levels and maybe do some basic Care that you know any sort of staffer could learn to do. They are not trained medical personnel. That was the fatal flaw in these Democrats plans. And so stopping a highly contagious virus that impacts the elderly. In a nursing home scenario was already going to be a tough lift. And they sent them in there. Deliberately callously. Didn't matter. Meanwhile, Dad we'll see what happens with Dr Rachel Levine. Meanwhile, down in Washington, D C. There was a hearing about D C. Statehood. We'll have more to say about this. In the future as this moves forward, But Mayor Muriel Bowser was asked by Congressman Fred Keller of Keller of Pennsylvania. About? Well, you want D C state because they're all waiting. We're not represented with taxation without representation. Then she was asked. Would you want it? Would you like it If we got rid of the taxation, she said no. Which I think is insane. But they also said Fred Keller said, How about we just see you back to Maryland? Now I get it is a Maryland resident. I don't think we need to make the state any bluer. But then again, the state can get really any bluer. Mariel Bowser wants to be governor. She wants to be governor. So she shoots that idea. Down. Cut nine. Go ahead. What D C work to registry back to Maryland. Allowing D C citizens represent representation in both the House and the Senate. When that give them representation. We were not. Residents of Maryland congressman were residents of Washington D. C. Yes, you are a federal district. That is not a state that is explicitly not a state. In the Constitution. You what do you want? You want everything. You can't have it. It's that simple. Seated back to Maryland. That's where it came from Washington's property George Washington's property. He donated it to create the capital city, the federal city that was never ever intended to be a state. It should never, ever be allowed to be a state. It's not a prison if you demand representation. Move, period. But then I'm heartless withheld. Oh, I know that's all the time we have for today. 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