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Ten forty five south gate right now, sixty one Fullerton, sixty two degrees. Currently it's fifty seven in corona at ten thirty seven police have made an arrest now in the case of that incapacity. Woman who was raped gave birth at a long term care facility in Phoenix. The thorny safe the nurses facing one charge of sexual abuse one count of vulnerable adult abuse during the period when we believe this incident occurred to sexual assault occurred. We believe that he was the L P N L E part of the time responsible for her care. The twenty nine year old victim has been cat capacitators since she was three she gave birth the Pacific last month. Los Angeles County. Sheriff Alex Villanueva decision to reinstate a fire deputy now under scrutiny he faced the sheriff civilian oversight commission and a couple of commissioners said that they had concerns about his actions. The fire deputy was connected to allegations of domestic abuse and stalking being defended his decision saying that no criminal charges were ever filed against the deputy Downey police officers have taken their opposition to the state's new felony murder law to their city council. The legislation is believed to be spurred by the able d as case the twenty year old recently moved to juvenile detention for his role in the murder of Downey police officer Ricky Galvez back in two thousand fifteen Mr. d is was not some innocent kid caught up in the moment and an accident occurred. He actively participated with his face partially covered highways identity. Former governor Brown signed the legislation into law in September restricting prosecutors abilities to charge a couple of to murder. The law is also retroactive meaning inmates convicted of acting as accomplices to murder can apply for resentencing Santana man has a dating court next week in Florida on charges of cyber stalking and making threats to victims and relatives of the parkland school shooting the FBI says the man used Instagram to make kidnapping threats and cheer the deaths victims the man denies the allegation saying he did it to troll victims and gain popularity. Coming up on ten forty now on Canucks. Let's take you live to the cake nine newsroom check in with Sandra Mitchell. See what they're working on for the kale nine. News at noon. Good morning, Sandra. Hey, Chris good morning to you a close. Call for a school bus in Santa Fe springs. It crashed into a wall. Earlier today. We're going to show you that video. We can tell you that. Nobody was hurt. Also, Bo talks bandits doctor in downtown LA says two men ripped off his med spa. And we have video of those alleged thieves also getting the stadium ready for the Super Bowl. Now just ten days away. The field has been painting painted with the team colors are gonna show you what it looks like today. It's all coming up at Cal nine news at noon. We'll see then Chris. All right, Sandra. Thank you. And of course, we'll have more on these stories as well part of our team coverage, plus a traffic check..

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