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Mp who's been sort of You know toughen things of vukovar activate to some of his colleagues is a sense that kiss. Tom is machine is improving. Yes exactly. I mean all these people very newly appointed. It's remains to be seen. How well they perform whether they managed to turn around the operation and but you know already. Labor figures are crediting shibam mood. Who as you said. Is that national campaign coordinator with this trade or saying that. Appointing has really turned things around for the party. That was the turning points for the the and spend by-election that awkwardly the person she replaced in that role was angela the rainer five of placing by praising tavon performance in that row instead of saying and very good with risks. Reigniting seeing that whole row but definitely you know aside from savannah. There's a lot of new appointments have been made to cure summers core team of departures and there will definitely be hopes in the leaders office that these new people will be able to assure up his authority and sharpen up his political operation. But it's really to say how effective they are and how effectively will be with any speech. You know you'll be keeping an oil exactly what's going on in the inner workings of the of the labor party. Let's go now to chris. Curtis He was a couple of weeks ago off the fallout the chesham and amersham bar. In a pollster for opinion and joins us. Now live from me. Averge in col- morning. Good morning. I saw your pitch on so to this day you know. Is it sunny. It's not is it was going to school just down out. Great tonj come down. I don't wanna head bites so from a pollsters point of view. What do you make of the body and spend result. Should we make too much of it because you know that on the go we have seen polls putting the toys ahead. So what's happening. I mean posters point of view. I'm basically going to ignore the difference between the free hundred and forty eight victory quality about in spending three hundred forty the conservatives about being spent. It's it's it's it's. It's almost irrelevant to the kind of analysis that we do because what we've been seeing in the poses fairly consistent over many months to lead of around ten points to the to the conservatives social conservatives mostly off. The back of the successful vaccine rolled out and boris jumps into conservatives numbers being based off the back of that period. We've had free elections one of which the conservatives did very well in. yeah. I've been hardly one of which becomes very badly and and chechen manama ship. And then obviously this one which the conservatives didn't do particularly well then but overruled the pictures still been the same. I've all of these free by actions to conserve his to come comfortable lead in the polls the only reason that has been different in those seats because of we'd unique factors dropping now on a sort of a strange way that by-elections tend to operate. So i think really. It's it's more important than me paying attention to those national numbers when thinking about what it means for the policies going into the next election then the kind of quirks what happened in any any specific action and for a while now teams. Tom has been saying. Oh it's early days yet. You wouldn't expect him to be a head. This stage is a long way to go. I mean we. Are you know the end of this year. We two years since the general election is coming up next week. I think two years since boston. I became prime minister. Fair way into this or reggie. There's already talk of well. If we have an early election in twenty twenty three we could be now less than two eighteen months away from the start of that campaign potentially so what point the labor party have to worry about the fact that the always are still ten twelve points ahead in the polls and on the question of who makes the best. Prime minister kissed on his mood behind. Boy johnson and don't know if i was a party i'd be worrying a lot more about kissed his personal ratings than i would be about the voting intention numbers Because actually the number that this far our is often quite turn around we saw at the boundary struck which turn around for example in the two thousand ten to twenty fifteen parliament when he fell behind. David comments about the number. I think that they should be focusing more than worrying about. I think we have to remember. How volatile politics isn't i mean. The twenty twenty seventeen election campaign labor went from twenty four points to forty points during the election campaign itself in twenty nineteen labor policy drop down to about eighteen percent in the polls at one point before moving back to thirty two and On election day so we do see big move movements. Even you know in the monks running up to election campaign itself and the pulse. Free elections later has seen a surge in support during the election campaign itself. I wouldn't so rule out potentially happening again. So yeah obviously. This is not a good situation for the life of politics to be with the house all the time. Politics is the money. I don't think you can still ruled out the potential for labor to come back to now in the next general election those of page from the polls that sir. Chris curtis Poster opinion joining us. Live from komo's get back to the sunshine. Chris myself an oscar next. We'll get some advice for kissed. 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