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So I thought I would go visit Julia Sweeney. Aside from her work as a comedian and actress. Her monologues are funny. The and candid like this new blog entry. She wrote about turning sixty and giving herself the gift of never going on a diet again. How awesome it so awesome I decide for eleven am interview? I'm going to celebrate this. Anti New Year's resolution by bringing Popeye's fried chicken cheeses a fresh Ashby to this candy Chelsea. Ah We've I've brought you know fried chicken soft cheeses and Rioch you celebration of your birthday in your next birthdays abors okay. I'm doing a faster Ma. I I was reading your sixty no again l.. I know well we decided to do this five day fast that we aren't they three. Oh my God this is hilarious. Will I can put this ragged 'cause fried chicken to lose weight. Yes it's just to reset the system from the holiday God that well maybe I should put the fried chicken back in the Carpool. You'll be sculling fried chicken. I okay what. You're actually trying not to tell you fasting because one I made a huge announcement is never going on a diet again. Even though I don't consider the fast I see I see uh-huh every fasting completely asking just as it might God you. How will we ninety four so I know what it's like it's funny? We have completely different body responses to it. I my response shutdown. He wants to lay on the couch with his arms over his chest. Sir I have. I'm like it's four in the morning goal doping yet. I need to go for a run. I have so energy. I've already been running canyon I've already walked enlargement. I'm going to go on a huge web later. I get enormous energy from fasting. Wow so my ancestors as I say to Michael. We're the ones that got up and got the rabbits. Yeah in the morning opera. His ancestors just thought. I guess it's time for I live to be done. Can't stash the food settle into the living room and Julia launches into her holiday. Post mortem it was like Barkan Dalia. It was like there were nights right eating so much that I get up in vomit because of just like what is it Rome in the the last days of Rome like I have eaten so much we can we just because there was great food around the house it was like yeah and also I'm traveling and I can eat what I wander winebrenner flying me first class per flying in the bottle so did this started with it because I thought I feel really uncomfortable in my body but I don't want to go on a diet I made all down soon. I'M NOT GONNA be on a diet and then I thought based on all the signs I know and everything I've read and that we've done together. What if I just had a protocol like a religion because there's also comes from being my friends and my Muslim family in Chicago? I don't know if that I opted out so I did Ramadan with them and everything I really like. It's a religion some religious fast. What if my personal philosophy of life slash religion is two times a year? I do a five to seven. They fast otherwise. I eat whatever I wanted any time except for one day we have a one day a week fast in between so it and then otherwise. Don't think about it. And then whatever weight I land on. That's my life like it's really and it's also because my blood sugar's really high so I don't want to be diabetic so I'm trying to avoid that too but without restricting myself and being able to drink as much as I want and have dessert and also little John's toffee. Yeah yeah I know like. It's very contradictory. I'm saying all the things I vowed I'd never say to anyone. And that's because of the magic of Hugh You have that effect act on sleep on. I think walking up cheeses and I am aborted meal that we're not gonNA sorry hilarious. It's even better because we're just so energized food. That is the in another room so when you think of like what your last meal would be. Oh yes which I often think. Okay so what is is your. What's your last meal your death row use murdered? Hopefully not your husband. No you had to be unfair. It has to be wrong okay. Why why you've while you're dying okay? Okay has to be an unfair death. Okay how so and the reason I say that is if you really did kill the people. I think you should be thinking how this is Justin right that you should die. Maybe you shouldn't have anything before. Are you talking my west meal is it's completely wrong but I can't control anything. I'm about to die okay. So you've been accused of something something that's wrong but I can't can't change it. Yeah and somebody's willing to give me anything. Okay probably would have a really fatty steak. Done rare grilled a rare. I would have my family recipe of potatoes romanoff which is potatoes with cream cheese and sour cream and tons of cheddar cheese and onions. And it's very good. I would have Brussels sprouts and Bacon. I would have actually like vegetables. I would have some grilled vegetables really. Yeah I don't I wouldn't wanNA feel feel sick going into the chamber. You don't want to vomit on yourself as you're getting the injection. So adding SUISA adding Brussel sprouts with Bacon. No but that's so good to me. I could have that completely. But and then I'd have bread pudding with caramel sauce and and whip cream that does sound any and a lot of red wine and a lot of red wine. Yeah I mean I would eat all those things anyway in Mike Strange Kito not quite bread diet but always buy gas. Then I'm constantly buying everybody else on my household because I famously don't eat bread. I feel that if I'm standing in the kitchen and tear it off with just like it and then just the white part and just eat the cross slathered in butter 'cause because the butter that just like out so all my God so I probably would go like a straight pasta situation because the state that you'd discuss until he was being good yet because it's a total atkins like they say. Eat Steak but I do. Just love steak. I love steak in red wine in fact in January when I don't drink plus the other thing my January. Don't drink which I've done. It used to be land. Now it's January I won't even have steak because to me if you can't have red wine with steak shouldn't even have steak. What's the point rather certain foods that if you don't have eight if you can't have a Margarita with chips and Guacamole? I don't see why you have any chips and Guacamole you. How bipolar am in this morning at Runyon Canyon and just now? I'm listening to the PODCAST. Food psychology with Lisa Harrison. which is the anti diet food? podcast asked that completely turned me on to health at every size. This is all bullshit. The whole Wait cycling industry. I love that term. Like weight watches all that. They're just they know that you're going to gain it back and they're going to have you back like the whole and the way hold the sciences such crap and that the whole idea that people who are heavier are necessarily less healthy than other people has a lot of problems with it. So I'm listening to that while I'm going around on my fast. Until how long have you been doing this over January. Well I just moved it to January. I did it for lent my whole life. I used to huma chocolate for lent before I could drink and then every year that it was lent even when I stop believing in God and was definitely not a Catholic on fat Tuesday. I I would have a lot to drink and then Ash Wednesday which if I did go to mass. It was on Ash Wednesday because I felt like that was the only day the character told the truth from ashes. You came to to ashes. You shall return. They put the APP on your forehead And that's Ash. Wednesday starts length. So it's about forty days and then I gave a chocolate the and Y.. An alcohol and then my friend Bob Bloomer who does sober January's got me into the sober January and it's less it's only thirty days. Not Forty days. What I like about it is that it proves that? I don't have a problem.

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