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Welcome to the door and also on vilvorde nauseous pm we are here on thursday october v two thousand seventeen to talk about wreak five of the nfl season and joining me today to talk about routes is usa today's lindsay jones lindsay how are you i'm really excited for this hour long all route tree podcast it's gonna be phenomenal the sad thing is i think i have like two minutes of wrote material and then i think you would blew me away and that would be it and i would be embarrassed and have to quit well i i don't know about that but um yeah it's been it's been a silly while it's still a couple of days here in sports media land with all of the cam newton stuff that has gone on so yeah we're we're we're all of us female journalist are having to stand there and you know defend our football knowledge to the trolls of the internet is that never fun yeah and i'm sure it's on a this isn't the first time this has happened either no certainly not i mean i think you could probably talk to you any woman who's been covering sport at any level whether it's highschool footballer high school basketball through the nba the nfl we've all experienced things like what happened um to jordan rodrigue an uh charlotte this week where a football player an athlete a coach whoever it might be is dismissive of your question or of you in general because it's just because you're a woman i kind of the casual sex is that i think exists in the industry where you know it may not be as blatant as saying.

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