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Sports thirteen hundred you're listening to the pony express here's andrew phillip pony don't get me wrong i am i'm patriotic i might not outwardly express it as much as others i don't have an american flag hanging in front of my house i don't wear clothing with the flag on it like i believe in the ideals of this country democracy freedoms etc like i respect the people who defend our country a ton for making that sacrifice in time and in sometimes with their own lives the mortality of of a freedom so that that is my preface for saying that i don't know exactly where this comes from it's not like i come from a military background or my my family's in politics government but i just have a real problem with the people in the united states of america who like in this is a soccer only thing who root for other countries over our own and i think that hurts are not that we're going anywhere fast but i think that that's one of the elements or that's one of the things that continues to hold us back in this particular sport we don't take pride we don't cherish we don't try to make our own soccer better we export our loyalties we pick a european country because maybe that's where we're from we pick a latin american country or a south american country or mexico because we might have relatives from there we pick a country because our favorite club league player or favorite player place for that country we don't put the mls i we might put like fourth or fifth so there are litany of reasons we could do a whole show on why we're not a soccer power i just i want to play this for you one more time this is landon donovan who are all time leading goal score doing an advertisement for wells fargo in telling soccer fans all around the country to do this it's me landon the big tournament is just about to kick off but not everyone's team is going and that's okay wells fargo and iron inviting anyone in need of a team to root for to join us in sharing for the mexican national team vence mahyco i can't do that i can't vamanos mahyco you gotta root for your own country you got to support our teams in our players and that's how we get good tyler in arizona he's on cbs sports radio how's it going.

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