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Legion bridge we had one broken down a broken down truck that is in the right lane not causing much of a delay but it has the potential so we're keeping a close eye on that broken down truck in the right lane on the legion bridge outbound Maryland's eye two 70 no problems there to and from Frederick I 95 the beatley Parkway both are moving nicely The press Georgia and Howard county route 50 we had a crash eat spoon through an asp Annapolis near the root two exit was last last check was long the right side tow truck sat the ready And vehicle was somehow missed the ramp and hit the guardrail That's why you're at that point now But it soon will be towed away from the right side Moving on speed in both directions on the bay bridge three lanes west and two lanes east across the bay had a crash reported up in Frederick where police were checking both sides of route three 55 near grove road Received word on what they found we'll check on that next report Orton Virginia 66 no problems there three 95 just a few volume slowdowns headed north to other 14th street bridge Inbound 95 we had a broken down vehicle crowding the southbound exit ramp to the fairfax county Parkway and last check was long the right side of that ramp so be careful there and through the district the crash cleanup is underway along the D.C. side of three 95 south or west bound on the freeway near the park police section before the 14th street bridge headed outbound at cleanup is taking place along the right side laser still On the westbound freeway near main avenue Maryland residents can save energy and money with low cost home energy assessments visit Washington gas dot com slash home saving to see how you can save Rick McClure traffic And storm team four meteorologists Samara Theodore what's the latest on that chance of the white stuff in the forecast Well it's coming down in some areas in Washington county northern Frederick county Maryland back towards.

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