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At Bitcoin payments to key figures in the all right movement before the riot by a French national Homeland Security officials say Russian, Iranian and Chinese influencers are trying to push their narratives during the presidential transition. Man is in custody after attempting to pass a security checkpoint with an unauthorized inauguration Credential. U S Capitol police couldn't find Wesley dealer's name on their list and searched his truck. Finding an unregistered handgun and more than 500 rounds of ammunition. This arrest just half a mile from the Capitol grounds comes his police are bracing for potential violence in the days leading up to President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Meanwhile, vice President Mike Pence is reflecting on the past four years as he spoke to members of the military after traveling across this country over the past four years, I promise you American people, arm or grateful for your service than you will ever know that Spence visiting a naval air station in California, Powerball. The numbers for Saturday's drawing worth $640 million are 14 2039 65 67 Powerball of two. Didn't win Tuesday's mega millions. Jackpot is an estimated $850 million. I'm Bill Trapero. Freshman Republican congresswoman is seeing her communications director resigned less than a month on the job. Ben Goldie drops in his letter of resignation on January 6th after the way, representative Lauren Bo Bart reacted to the siege on the capital. Waited until Friday to formally resigned so he could meet with the congresswoman face to face. Bo Bart is one of the Republicans who voted against the counting of electoral college votes for President elect Joe Biden. Security measures in Washington, D C include shuttering the city's iconic landmarks ahead of the button inauguration yesterday. The National Park Service amounts landmarks such as those that are part of the National Mall, like the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial are closing now through at least Thursday. Several interstate bridges connecting traffic from Northern Virginia to Washington, D. C will also be closed. Ah French news agency is reporting the death of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. Lisa Taylor has more. The report by agents. France Presse sites, family members confirmation of the international bankers Death Friday from a heart attack, the private banking and investment group based in Geneva over which he presided is valued at around $200 billion. He died at age 57 at the family home in Switzerland. Services will remain private. Two best friends and Davenport, Iowa, are expanding their dry bar idea. From Davenport and Iowa City. There are hoping to provide a space to those who love nightlife. But don't drink me personally. I know that a place like this would have been maybe God sent for me because I struggled for a lot of years that I feel like maybe weren't necessary were kind of hoping that we could be a spot like that, Shawn, tell Smith operations director Ed Unimpaired. Smith and her best friend Amber Haynes, opened the original spot last September. They say they're hoping to open their Iowa City location in the spring. Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista is offering a $20,000.

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