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From abc news i'm todd ant florida police with a frightening discovery at a home and they may have prevented a disaster a chilling falling inside a florida home detectives executing a search war in a child pornography investigation they found none but did discover an arsenal of weapons allegedly belonging to 24yearold randle drake ted wife falls eight handguns to shotguns more than fifteen knives across bo and a baseball bat with nails all with aerial photos of two nearby schools and a water treatment plant and a note that reddened i shall have my bloody revenge and then the world will burn big joe kendo abc news largo florida senator lindsey graham of south carolina says member of the armed services committee will be brief next week about the fatal attack on four american soldiers in the african nation of nesia we're learning chilling details about that ambush outside a remote african village at senior intelligence official tells abc news the americans knew something was wrong when to motorcycles king racing out the official tells us quote back hair on the back of their necks stood up the official says a village elder seemed to stall to keep the soldiers there and soon fifty militants were upon them with smallarms vehiclemounted weapons and mortars a sophisticated attack abc's mary bruce former white house advisor steve bannon fired up in california friday night he's praising the budget bill that passed in the senate this week saying republican establishment is finally realising they have to step up his absolutely no excuses anymore i hate people that wine and a lot of i hear all the time is nothing but whining and whining is all we can't do this we can't do that we have the house we have the senate bannon speaking addis state republican convention in anaheim french president emmanuel macron says the fight against the islamic state group has entered a major new phase after the liberation of the.

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