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It's the inner loop ramp to the Clara Barton Parkway exit 41 that off ramp still blocked as a result of the work zone. Outer loop delays in Tyson's headed toward I 66 to go westbound on the ramp there for the west on 66 after the split with nutly street, the crash blocks the entire left side of the roadway. We do have tow trucks on scene, hopefully they'll clean that up pretty soon, but right now outer loop after the split for nutley street still with the left side blocked for the crash in response one scene. I 95 southbound on the brakes leaving lorton headed toward one 23, then delays continue further south in separate judges between Dale City and dumfries as you continue south toward the rappahannock river, north Ben I 95, as you head past route three, delays toward the rappahannock river, but after you get toward 17 and falmouth and beyond courthouse where orbits in the Parkway, you are cleared toward the Springfield interchange with your express lanes pointed in the northbound direction. No problems on I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge. If you're in the district, northbound D.C. two 95 passed Pennsylvania avenue we had the left lane block for a broken down. Then after that, the right lane was crowded for the broken down vehicle as well, southbound D.C. two 95 on the brakes approaching and passing nanny Helen Burroughs avenue headed toward east capital street with the traveling to open. CMO volume on the beltway through prince George's county on both groups of the beltway between two O one kenworth avenue and route 50 to John Hanson highway with traveling to open, east ground route 50 delays, approaching camp saint Clair toward the eastbound spin of the bay bridge, Pasadena, Maryland, Edwin raynor boulevard southbound, south of 100, follow police direction for the crash involving one overturn near daga lane. So now I'm best days this summer from now until August 20th at the Montgomery county fair and Gaithersburg at the fairgrounds, visit MC AG fair dot com. Of course, for advanced tickets and information. I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Not a bad afternoon temperatures, low 80s today, some rain chances by the time we head into the evening and overnight.

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