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It's a WHO gives a shit right now so the the issue I'm anxious to find out is donald trump or not donald trump. What why are we so behind on testing because the numbers are going to spike once the tests are Made more available and I believe that is something that is now starting to take place. The question is why did it take so long? That's what I'm asking and I don't give a fuck if somebody likes. Donald Trump doesn't like donald trump. It has nothing to do with it. I'm trying to understand how that happened because to me. That is a huge part of this. So that's that's an element So that's that's why I bring that up. Seems to be a really tough question to not get a political answer from two anytime brings up the test. It turns political real fast. Yeah I don't I don't know all right let's see Tim. I've been a listener for just over a year. Thanks in large part to the two thousand nineteen visit to the picnic table and I wanted to follow up to a question you posed on. Tma about the validity of the potential for two point two million deaths in the United States. this is this is good to reset this. I know he's talking about Pete The New York Times Article I had a real problem with this. I had a real problem and I don't know where you were you you were on this. They said this was from Tuesday march. Seventeenth Two thousand twenty the opening paragraph of their lead story there headlines said the White House press con. I'm paraphrasing now. But there was a word that certainly stands out the White House press conference which seemingly was in response to a UK. Study that said up to two point. Two million Americans could die from the krona virus and my issue with that story is to use the words seemingly in response to that and some people might go. Who fucking cares but I have a real problem and this can be as simple as a conversation or an argument that I have with my wife. It doesn't matter or something as significant as this to write seemingly seemingly in response to to say that the White House is action is seemingly in response to a study that two point two million Americans could die from. The Corona virus is so irresponsible so for those of you who hated my donald trump comments. Five minutes ago I would imagine you love my New York Times criticism right here and for those of you who love my donald trump criticism five minutes ago. I imagine you hate my New York Times. Hopefully you can just be like everybody else and just hate me but my observation is to say that in the opening co any kind any print actually seemingly is so irresponsible and that really got my IRA up. I don't think that's the way you're right. I think you I think in the press conference you ask any of the thirty people who up on that stage during those things. Is this in response to the study from the UK saying up to two point two million Americans could die from the corona virus. And then you get a quote not to say seemingly because then all of a sudden now you've got people going old on a second. The White House is acting because they think two point. Two million people are going to die from this tuna. She'll melt million Americans. How do you see that? Peter my Overreacting you're no seemingly is a word you could use an dear deirdre article but not a scientific statement. Holy Shit. So that's what this gentleman is starting off with all right. The Stat is not made up and was part of a study by the Imperial College in the United Kingdom on the corona virus which was apparently shared with the White House. There's that darn apparent word again. I am including a link to the entire article below but to summarize the two point two million deaths is based on a quote unmitigated epidemic scenario for the US and also says regarding this quote in the unlikely absence of control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behavior we would expect to peak and mortality daily deaths to occur after approximately three months and quote thus the two point two million number is sourced but it is an incredibly poor job of reporting considering the measures that have already been taken in the United States to combat the virus. I would compare it to if you were to give presidential nomination odds of two weeks ago but gave them as though they were current sure. The numbers might pan out if nothing changes but things have changed and they have changed radically and while I'm emailing I am also going to throw in a possible Q. F. T. A. I am curious if you or anyone on the show are familiar with the ninety s Sitcom Newsradio and have any thoughts on the show included the frequently mentioned Joe By Tma Andy Dick and Joe Rogan and is probably my favorite show of all time while it's far from perfect comparison to TMA. It feels like a good reproduction of the show vibe. Michaud featuring an arcade video game in the radio station. Another show where an employee brings in a porn magazine. That comes from Joe Hashtag Band Dotam. Wow Rare Hashtag go. I'm familiar with newsradio but I'm not familiar. I didn't watch it. I am put them either. I don't watch last SITCOMS HERE JOE. Talk about it all the time. So I'm interested in checking it out. But Joe Rogan talk about all the time because he's show right right right and what did he does he look back on it as like a big. Yeah I mean He. He became really good friends with Phil Hartmann. So tell us stories about him. that are interesting like He used to hold.

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